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Graha pravesam -details.

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Nigalum kara varusham vaikasi madham ettan thethi (22-5-2011) gaayuru kilamai kaalai 7-30 manikku mel 9 manikkul

Ram naqgar basangudi site no 9 en kumaaran chi. ramani illathil

Muhoortham seivathai bhaghavath kripaiyum achariargal anugrah athyum munnittu periorkalal nichayikkapattu merpadi illathil nadai peruvathal thaangal thangal ista mithra bhandukaludan vandhirunthu vilaavinai sirappikka vendugirom.

name of father or mother
Your address and phone no. name of son
name of wife.


Nigalum kara varusham vaikasi madham ettan thethi (22-5-2011) gaayuru kilamai kaalai 7-30 manikku mel 9 manikkul

Ram naqgar basangudi site no 9 en kumaaran chi. ramani illathil

Muhoortham seivathai bhaghavath kripaiyum achariargal anugrah athyum munnittu periorkalal nichayikkapattu merpadi illathil nadai peruvathal thaangal thangal ista mithra bhandukaludan vandhirunthu vilaavinai sirappikka vendugirom.

name of father or mother
Your address and phone no. name of son
name of wife.
For Graha pravesam thithi: dwitiyai;thrithiyai; panchami;sapthami; aekadasi;thrayodashi are good;

Star: rohini; mrigasirisham; punarpusam;pusam;utiram; hastham; swathi;anusham; moolam;uthradam;avittam;sadayam; uthratadhi;revathi are good;

Days; monday;thursday;friday are good;

there should not be guru and sukran asthamanam and ethir sukran.

sara lagnam; mesham; kadagam; thulam; makaram; these lagnas should be avoided for this purpose.

Month; aani; purattasi;aadi; margali; panguni should be avoided.

The previous rasi of the lagna should be clean without any planet;

For the combined poorattadhi and makam star, stars with Thaara balam are poosam; anusham; uthratadhi; swadhi and sathayam.

On 6- 3 2011 from 10.30 to 12 in rishaba lagnam you may do grahapravesam with sandal paste dhaanam for panchaga preethi.

or you can do on 16-5-2011 monday swathi star rishaba lagnam from 6AM to 7-30 AM with panchaga preethi--Deepa dhanam

An old book Jodhida graha chinthamani says in the month of aadi raavanan expired; in margali month big maha bharatha war between duryodhana and dharmar; purattasiyil

hiranyan expired;in Maasi kaman was burnt into ashes;In the month of panguni mahabali gave everything to vamanan. Son these months are not good for subha kaaryangal.

Moorthy sir, on 7-3-2011 the 8th and 12 places from lagnam is not empty; saturn is there in 8th place. It is not good; only sevvai and sani days you should not do any subha

karyam . sunday is better. monday , Thursday and friday are the best.Anushtanathil ullathu sunday.

On 21-4 2011 chathurthy thithi is not good; and lagna thyajyam for meena lagnam willcome and it is also not good; mithuna lagnam from 9-30AM to 11 Am you can do with dhanya

dhaanam for panchagam.

In kanchi acharyal madathu panchangam you can see on sunday you can do graha pravesam. in the column kilamaikalil seyya koodiyathu.
During suryodhayam it is called go dhooli lagnam Only thithi, vaara; star; yogam; and karana dosham will go; but not the 8th and 12 place doshas;
suryan is in 11th place and guru is in 10th kendram all doshas will go away. 21-4 2011 Mithuna lagnam is good.
donate some amount to the kula deivam temple. before starting graha pravesam and you can also do ganapathy homam and
, purushasooktham; durga sooktham; sri sooktha, boomi neela sooktham,navagraha, dasa dik palakargal homam and jayadhi , and vaasthu homam, pancha vaaruni, varunan;

lakshmi,narayanan,durga,kshethra palakar,abayankarar,thriambagar,nakshathra devatha,Ayur devathai,naga devatha,boomi devi; vaasthu devatha homams should be done.

I will give you the requirements for doing graha pravesha homam and all details.

For individual house in ground floor cow pooja can be done at the entrance of the house. for flats the cow and calf i think cannot go to upstairs. Better skip cow pooja for

flat owners. Count the number of relatives and friends who are going to attend the function on that day. Inform the caterer to supply you the required number of coffee, tiffin

and meals at your convenient timings. with drinking water and server and paper roll to put on the dining table and for cleaning the table. Have, vessels cleaning powder 500

grams .
broom stick.
make arrangements for drinking water, and for sufficient water for cleaning purposes. if there is no borewell. Make arrangements for plantain tree with or without plantain

flower and kaai . ( Now a days plantain flower and kaai is not a must. )and for shaminah, dining table and chairs and jamakkalam big size for the visitors to sit. If required

decorative electrical lights in the front portion of the flat or house.

prepare a list of members of your family the birth star; rasi; and name and the relationship to the owner of the house/flat, and hand over it to the sastrigal; he will read it

while doing sankalpam.
Have changes for graha preethi etc; dakshinai. 2 to 4 sastrigals are required. Request your house sastrigal to come in time to your house. Do abishekam and archanai to your kula

deivam and donate some money to your kula deivam temple some one week before the graha pravasham day. find out the village devadai ,in which area you have got a house/flat and

do archana once in every year to that temple.

Articles to be taken from your house: Big and small size Thaambaalams and trays brass or ever silver some 10 nos; Kuthuvilakku 2 nos; and small size lamp 1 no. with sufficient

thiri and oil and match box; one knief. Pancha pathra uthirini; gas stove and gas cylinder OR induction stove and vessels required to boil milk; sugar; lid; karandi, and if

required to prepare Havis for the Homam raw rice 100 grams; and vessels required to make Havis; Make arrangements for neivedhyam sakkarai pongal; Variety rice; vadai; kolukattai

31 nos if required for ganapathy homam; sathu maavu (Fry Raw Rice 100 grams in a fry pan and then powder it in the mixie in your house). Palagai or thadukku to sit down 6 nos;

Doopakal; Deepa Kal; karpoora aarathi thattu; one Bell; one SWamy picture ,Naadasswaram cd or casette and casette or cd player.

Turmeric (round size) 50 grams; Turmeric powder 100 grams; kumkumam 50 grams; sandal powder 5 gram; Betels 100 nos; betel nut 100 grams; nizam or roja pakku thool pocket

100 nos; scented chunnam (sunnaambu) one bottle; plantain fruits 30 nos; Apple; orange; pomegrante; gauau ( koyya) 4 nos each; paneer grapes 500 grams; Plastic flowers for

vaasal padi 5 metres; Thodutha pushpam 10 metres;

Mango tree leaf bunches 10 nos; Arugan grass 1 kattu; uthiri flowers 1 Kg.( thulasi, vilvam, arali; rose; malligai.dhavanam; lotus; etc; ) white pumpkins medium size 3 nos; one

must be cut into 8 pieces and offered to the 8 direction Bootha Bali; one must be tied in the first floor for dristhy pariharam; one with lighted camphor dhrishti sutri pottu

vratti 10 nos; srai thool (broken wood) 5 kilo; coconut shells and mattai; No.10 Nool kandu 2 nos big size and colour nool one set; Camphor 100m grams; Scented sticks

(oothupathi) 1 box; panner 1 bottle .visiri 1; Pakku mattai dhonnai 10 nos; coconuts 10 nos; Brass kudam 1 no; 4 nos small brass sombu of one litre capacity.

Purasu and Arasu samith 200 nos; Navagraha samithu 10 bundles; (vilamichai ver or vetti ver 50 grams; pachai kalpooram 10 grams; cardomam 10 grams; krambu 5 grams; )These are to

be crushed and poured in the brass kudam and brass sombu water. along with paneer.

plantain leaves 5 nos; Previous day itself the house should be cleaned with water and maavu kolam and kaavi should be placed near it; in the place where you are going to do

pooja and homam; Place 5 kilo of wheat and over it one plantain leaf put rice 2 kgs; over it one plantain leaf put 1 kg of black gram, and over it one plantain leaf and 100

grams of gingilly seeds; and over it you have to place the brass kudam filled with water and vaasanai dravyam decorated with white and colour nool and mango leaf bunch and 1

coconut and darbai koorcham , sandal paste and kumkumam. These will be done by sastrigal.

Navagraha dhaanyam 100 grams set one no; and Navagraha vasthram set 1 no; is available in herbal stores ( Nattu marunthu kadai) and also in the shops where they have written

that homam and kumbabishega articles are available here.
to be continued

Samithu for homam: sun; erukku; moon; purasu; mars-Karungaali; budhan; Naayuruvi; Guru; Arasu; sukran Athi; Sani- vanni; Rahu; Arugan grass; Kethu- Dharbai;.
Blouse bit 80 cms each colour; Sun- Red colour; Moon- White; Mars; Red; Budhan Green; Guru-Golden yellow; Sukran- White; Sani- Blue; Rahu- Black; Kethu- many coloured printed


Navagraha Dhaanyam: Sun-Wheat; Moon-Rice; Mars: thuvarai;(Toor dhal) Budhan: Green Gram; Guru: kondai kadalai or moong dhall or Sundal kadalai; Sukran; Mochchai; Sani; ellu

(black gingilly seeds) Rahu: black gram; Kethu horse gram; each 50 or 100 grams is enough.

For maha ganapathy homam- 8( ashta dravyangal) kolukattai; nellu pori; aval; sathu maavu; sugarcane or jaggary; ellu; plantain fruit; and coconut coprai;honey and ghee are mixed

along with this ashta dravyam for ganapathy homam.kolukattai very small size 31 nos; ellu 10 gram; sathumaavu 30 grams; aval 30 grams and nellu pori 30 grams jaggary 30 grams

only one plantain fruit cut into pieces and coconut 8 small pieces are enough. paddy (nellu) 30 grams for homam.
Homa kundam or 30 bricks are required to do Homam; Sand 5 kilo;

Play naadasswaram CD or Cassette player while going towards the new house along with your relatives and friends , with cow's milk; curd; fruits; coconut; flowers; sandal paste;

manjal and kumkumam; sugar; betel leaves and betelnuts Thodutha pushpam; Poorna kumbam= Brass sombu of one litre capacity minimum , filled with water and adorned by mango leaf

bunch and coconut sandal paste and kumkumam.

One small burning lamp duly covered with protective article, , swamy picture 1 no, along with bell ringing and chanting shanthi manthram by sastrigal. paruppu thengai; sweet and

kai murukku must also follow by swasinis chanting ''laksh mi kalyaaname vaibogamae''.

On the house entrance the cow and calf will be ready there. Apply turmeric powder paste and sandal paste and kumkumam on the face of the cow and calf and also on the buttock

side near tail; place the thodutha pushpam on the neck of the cow and calf and give plantain fruits to the cow and calf; and then do camphor aarathy to the cow and calf and

along with this cow and calf all of you must enter the house. the cow should go to all the rooms ,kitchen and hall. Touch the cow with your hand from face,neck,back and to the

end of tail 3 times.

Place the swamy picture and small burning lamp in the kitchen, and place all other articles in the Hall where you are going to do pooja and homam.

to be continued

Now the sastrigal will throw 50 gram manjal kadugu all over the pooja and homam place. He will start arranging NOrth side Navagraha mandalam; south side homa kundam; East

side Brass kudam etc;
start milk boiling in the kitchen do neivedhyam to the swamy picture and distribute milk to all;

Then anuggai= Permission to start pooja; Graha preethi dhaanam; Punyaga vachanam; Then requesting the following devadas to enter into the brass vessels etc;

Varunan;Ganapathy; Lakshmi narayanan;Durga; Shethrapalar; Abayangarar; Thrayambagar; Nakshathra devatha; Ayur devatha; Naaga devathai; Vaasthu purushan;Thithiri devi; Bhagya

devadai; Sudarsanar; Dhanvanthri; Lakshmi kuberan; Narasimhar;Navagrahangal and ten thikku paalakargal, your kula deivam; Ishta deivam and village devathai of that place; Then

Praana prathistai; 16 upachaara pooja;

Then the following Manthra japam will be chanted by Sastrigals; purusha; sri; durga; Bhagya; boomi and neela; 27 nakshathra sookthams and shanthi panchagam and Gosha


Then again Chanting these sookthams Homam with ghee will be done. Then Jayadhi homam; Praayaschitha homam and Poornahoodi. Dhoopam ; deepam; and Neivedhyam; camphor Aarthi;

Punar pooja ; Brass kudam water prokshanam; Remaining water must be poured on the outer portion of the house in all directions; AAsirvadam; dakshinai to Sastrigals along with

one 9x5 cotton dhothi to the sastrigal.

Then Meals or tiffin to all . And Thamboolam Bag to all; Buy Thaamboolam bag plastic or card board bag; put 2 betel leaves and one paakku pocket and one sweet and one kai

Murukku and one Gift according to the financial position of each and every individual house owner's doing Graha Pravesam ceremony.

This is a public forum. You can skip or add according to the financial position of the individual.

If you want to give one gift to each family you have to buy them in advance, and give order for sweet and kai murukku pockets well in advance.

On that day at night you have to lie down and sleep in the new house; have thalagani; bedsheet and jamakaalam and mosquito Repeller and drinking water; Wake up in the

Morning draw kolam after cleaning
the entrance of the house with water.

Return all rented chairs, dining tables; shamiana; and other articles on that evening itself.

Father in law and mother in law must be invited in advance. They will come with big Brass kudam; Kuthu vilakku; saree and blouse bit and dhothy; with sweet, and kai murukku

and paruppu thengai and betels; paaku; manjal ;kumkumam; flowers fruits etc; In turn you have to present them saree and dhothy with thaamboolam and with fruits, with some money


Your own Brothers and sisters will attend the function with thaamboolam; fruits and flowers some gifts and saree and pant and shirts. Then you have to present them with

saree and pant bits etc; with thaamboolam, fruits and flowers; You have to buy the required sarees and blouse bits; dhoties or pant bits and also to the Building contracter

,Engineer, mason, painter, electrician; carpenter etc; you may give to all or to some ,dhoties or pant and shirt as per your wish and financial position at that time with meals.


HAARAM Maalai for the parents or for kartha and for his wife and for the Brass kudam and brass sombu.

Buy according to the financial condition of the individual. or use thodutha pushpam instead of haaram.
Shri Praveen Sir,

Kindly make these as sticky threads in a new sub forum (Details for ceremonies or as you like) and also kindly open the closed sticky threads as I want to include some more information. Graha pravesam,. Ayush homam, upanayanam, marriage -sub divisions, sathabishekam, poojas and homams. Thanking you, with warm regards. kgopalan.
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