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Gothras nomenclature

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If you search the moolams (origins) of river and sages, it will be so worst. So only the saying is like that. the other related saying is "Rishi Garpam Raa Thangadu".

Coming to your query, the rishis are exactly not sannyasis. they are all married and well settled. So, their descendents while introducing to others, say like "Pravaras". From, this the thing got serially emerged and ended with "Gothra" in a separate manner. This is what I suspect. Anyhow, Iam also eager to know for further replies regarding this.

We are supposed to be descendants of the rishi going by our gothra's name. But that doesn't mean every gothra is unique in terms of the characteristics/traits of the persons belonging to it.

After thousands of years, is it possible to remember one's ancestral line correctly? Gothras are passed on orally through the elders of the family/clan.
In the present day the Gotra goes the patrilineal way.The children take the gotra of their father.An adopted son takes the gotra of h is adoptive father.A girl when she gets married she takes the gotra of her husband.
As far as I know from my readingsoriginally the gotras started in three (3) different methods,
1, The most common -Patrilinealy from the main rishi
2. Matrilinealy from the main rishi.But the gotra name will not be that of the main rishi though he will be the prime rishi in the pravara.Here by matrilinealy I mean through the daughter of the main rishi
3, Through the sishyas of the main rishi.Here the main rishi will be in the pravara,
By Implication (?) I think main rishi may refer to the Saptha rishis
I am not very certain
Another intersting bit of info an american medico scientific firm is announsing it will be able to identify your gotra by making DNA tests
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