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Gossip ..selling of TB.com

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dont take me wrong.

Im not a member there, and will never be. just saw this interesting thread elsewhere, who are all up against praveen, even now.

all bad mouthing, all high note gossiping.

check out this link,


O.P says,

"tamilbrahmins.com - Websites for sale on Flippa

An unique Indian Community Forum for Sale

This site ended as unsold with 0 bids

The highest bid price (or starting price if there were no bids) was $20,000 and the buy it now price was $55,000

This listing was added to Flippa on Tue, Mar 27th 2012

The figures you'll probably want to know:

Page Rank Unique Visitors Gross Revenue Domain Age RPUV*
76 months

Seller: praveen100 . (click the icon to see any information we have on this seller)
Excluding this listing, we have 0 active listing(s) and 1 archived listing(s) for praveen100"
Dear Shiv, Greetings.

What is the gossip in that? I am member in that said forum. In fact, 3rd message in that thread is posted by me. Bad mouthing about others is quite common; those things depend upon their experiences. For example, I have been bad mouthed in this same forum left, right and centre. Even now there is a degree of animosity towards me ( not just my messages) is present here. Some of us have thick skins, continue to take part inspite of such discouragements.

This site was up for sale, wasn't it? Personally I don't see any gossip in that. I don't even see this subject worthy of discussion.

We can continue to survive here
either by having a thick skin or by
putting on one as soon as possible.:)
By the way I missed our dear mischievous Sivaganam!
Where were you sir all these days???:)
I posted the OP. I have mentioned also that the message came to me by e-mail.

The day I started that thread, it was still on sale! I don't find anything wrong in selling a site which is built,

spending a lot of time, money and energy! Hope Shiv Sir was patient enough to read that thread fully!

Sri. Praveen has also explained his position very well in that thread and why he moved it to the 'News ....'

section. Yes. The topic does not need any serious discussion!
Sowbagyavathy Raji Ram, Greetings.

Sri. Shiv is not talking about the thread started by yourself. Chances are, he may have missed it. I think, He mentions about a thread in a different forum in a different web-site.

This topic and that website is not worthy of a separate discussion.

If i say you are a bad man, it is not going to make you one. Just like that, they are free to talk what they want. Just shows the amount of maturity and (insert anything else) they have.

This thread is being closed.
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