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Google has set its sights on websites with fake Download buttons

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[h=1]Google has set its sights on websites with fake Download buttons[/h] February 7, 2016 Kishore Ganesh Leave a comment Edit


In a way, Google is the gatekeeper of the Internet. It is the platform through which most users go to websites. They type in what they want, Google finds it and then they click on it.

Google is the most trafficked site in the world, has billions of people who use it every day and forms a large chunk of the traffic that comes to websites.

This means that Google has unprecedented power, and every website watches what Google has to say. With a single update, Google can bring websites to their knees, as has happened many times before in the algorithm update purges.
Google is the trendsetter. It started penalizing sites with non mobile-friendly sites, and now just about every site worth its salt is mobile-friendly.

And now, it has set its sights on websites with fake buttons. Oh, how we have been tricked by these buttons, thinking they were the real thing when it actually led to some malware-ridden website.

Users of Google Chrome will now see warnings when they visit these sites, and since there are millions of Chrome users out there, we may see such sites disappearing soon.

What do you think?

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