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Good country for techies?

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Which is the good country to work for IT professionals.In terms of 1)Visa 2)Nature of work 3) Living with /connecting with families 4)Money 5) Growth etc.Is it a right idea to leave a secure job (Atleast for now) in India and go abroad on our own to achieve financial goals?What are the criteria we need to analyse before making a decision?

I see many of my friends who get H1B from their company making a switch and settling in US.Is still US a hot destination and a huge job market despite outsourcing?

If you have personal experiences and you are willing to share it would be quite useful.

yes as far as US is concerned, it is really workable place for brahmins. It is quite surprising that our brahmins does excel a lot in the Information Technology companies like cisco, microsoft or novel. It is very evident in the current generation that we get good recognition for the projects we do in the US than in India. They respect for what we are;they respect vegetarians, they know us a lot that we are smart as a whip; what else one need? they are no anti-brahminical

Taking the overall things United States is a good place to go; but keep in mind that you are a brahmin!
Why not try Australia?

I migrated with my family to Australia in 1991. I have found this a quiet and peaceful 9and sometimes boring) country.
In the last 3-4 years, I have seen noticeably more indians in public places,trains etc. My husband is in IT field and he says that there are considerably more indians now than ever before in IT.

They are arriving here as students, study their masters degree here and get jobs.

some are also arriving on 4 year work-permit.

Taxes are higher here than in USA and things are generally more expensive than US due to the small population (20 million in all of Australia, land size double that of India) and its remote location.

Once you get permanent residency you are entitled to a medicare card which gives you free treatment in hospitals and in doctors clinics.

I hear from a lot of newly arrived indians that it is now easier to come to Australia than the US.

Hope this helps


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