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Active member
This is a controversial topic.
This study focussed only on India. It is also looking only at the Hindus.
It is very similar to the Aamil Khan Movie PK.
If it hurts your sentiment please skip this thread.

India through the decades has witnessed the prevalence of godmen. Often, these godmen who act as magicians, miracle-workers, healers, priests, mystics and masters of all spiritual energies, mislead the public especially, the urban and educated and amass illegal wealth. The enormous human appetite for miracles is unrelenting. We want miracles to happen to us, particularly, when we are surrounded by insurmountable odds resulting in hopelessness and despair. A persisting problem, lack of awareness, financial, physical or social constraints, a failed support system and an environment fed on blind faith leads us to an address which offers hope, instant gratification and a promise to a miracle. Corruption and favouritism in India have shattered a common man's belief in talent and merit, pushing him to surrender to the concept of luck and believing in miracles. Hence, there is need to create awareness among the urban people regarding Godmen. The objective of the study was to explore the impact of Godmen on the lives of urban society people. The hypothesis framed for the study was 'There will be no impact of Godmen on the lives of urban
society people.' Primary data was collected with the help of a self-constructed questionnaire which consisted of 17 questions. The sample comprised of 100 people living in Chandigarh. The data was analyzed and interpreted with the help of question-wise tabular representation. The study found that in the urban society, some people believe in Godmen or are influenced by them. Finally, paper would provide succinct suggestions for creating awareness among the people.


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