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Godess Shakti temple

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Good Day all,

I need help regarding this Shakti temple. I saw it in the tamil movie "Naan Kadavul" and i suppose it is Kasi.

I suppose it is Godess Durga. I seek information regarding this temple and this version of Godess Durga and the story and historical origin behind it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am interested in knowing about the demon like beings depicted in the foot of the Godess. Is there any scriptures on this temple?

Dear siddhanta

it is not always that demons will be in her foot. In her Chinnamastha form "one among dasamahavidhya" even radhi-manmada pair will be there. The demon mahishasura will be in the foot of durga. the demon "valkasura" will be in the foot of "Baghalamuki". So many are there. But the thathva behind that is "ahamkara".
It is very difficult to trace from the film sets the original temple.
They will have even artificial sets of temples . for linga they will
use andaa iverted.
Yes akura. You are right. but there may even be such temple also. We are not sure. Siddhanta sir am unable to reply you in mail. Am sureendar. Iam not the person of your search. (Rodney lingam). Sorry for this confusion. Am in chennai.

Siddhanta sir am unable to reply you in mail. Am sureendar. Iam not the person of your search. (Rodney lingam). Sorry for this confusion. Am in chennai.
Yes i was wondering about it. Your age is 28 and his age is also the same. Rodney Lingham (aka Durgadas) is in New Zealand and your name is the same in Tamil. Also i have interacted with him through e mail regarding my research on aliens and demons, and your style of writting and his were almost identical. Also he told me about Chinnamasta Devi and Bagalamukhi earlier which you quoted in your reply. Many factors i found similar.

Anyway you clarified my doubt.

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Is it? very nice sidhantha sir. Iam much concerned about shaktha worship. I like chinnasmastha and dhumavathi very much. I never consider them as some forces of shakti filled with anger. How I like bala, lalitha and rajamathangi (as soumya moorthas) similar I like kali, bahagal and chinna. The similarities you said between me and your friend really is coincidence I think. Anyhow accept myself also as your friend.
It is not Kasi.I have been making pilgrimages to the 51 Sakthipeethams.But I have managed to cover only 18 so far. ^ are in Bangladesh/One i POK and one in Kailas Manasarover.The deoty in the picture does not look as if it is a Amma in a real temple
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