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God won't Ask

Not open for further replies.



HE WILL ASK:argue:
1. What kind of Car you Drove
1. How Many people you drove who did’t have transportation
2. The Square Footage of Your House
2. How Many people you welcomed into your house
3. About the Clothes you had in your Closet
3. How Many you helped to clothe
4. What your highest salary was
4. Have you compromised your character to obtain it
5. What your Job Title was
5. Have you performed your job to the best of your ability
6. How Many Friends you had
6. How many people to whom you were a fried
7. In what Neighbour hood You Lived
7. How you treated your neighbours
8. About the Colour of your Skin
8. About the content of your character

God Won’t Ask you why it took you so long to seek Salvation and He will lovingly take you to your Mansion in Haven:rain: and not to the gates of Hell:mad2:
Please do not take it the wrong way.
Are you a Hindu? You seem to have copied it from a Christian site.
This is Tamil Brahmins site and most of us are Hindus.
Dear Sir,

If you read my other posts you can understand about my religion. I have not copied it from any site. I just sent the messages in a power point presentation sent to me by a friend and whose intention is to forward the same to as many as possible. Whether it is a christian site or hindu site the contents are not affecting any hindu. It only ask us to be human and spread humanity and the words heaven and hell or also available in hindu religion.

I am a strong believer of Sai and love is god and god is love.
If you really believe un Hinduism, where is the question of God asking you to do anything. God does not need your help nor does he sit in judgement of human beings. The actions you suggest are all appropriate, but they are for your good.
We only need god's help. Without god's knowledge nothing can move on earth.
Not open for further replies.

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