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God as Truth

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Dear Sri Vijisesh,

I have seen the video clippings posted in the thread ' on women marrying
....', and since I feel my reply goes well under this topic, I am posting
my reply here.

It is said in the Vedas that ' Ekam Sath vipra bahutha vadhanthi ', which
means God ( Sath ) is one, HE is known by different names. One more
quotation : ' EkoRudro na dwideeyaya dhasthu ' - There is ONE only and
no second independent of HIM .

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsar said ' Water is known in Tamil as 'jalam',
in HIndi as ' paani' and some call it as 'aqua'. But all these terms denote
the same material. Likewise the Supreme is named differently as Paramatma,
Hari, Allah or Christ. ' 'The Supreme Lord has many names and forms.
If you pray to HIM with a pure heart, HE will appear to you in the form
you desire.'

You might be familiar with Sri Vishnu Sahasranama. I quote one from it:

Viswamurthir mahaamurthir deepthamurthir amurthimaan
aneka murthi-ravyaktha: sathamurthi: sadhaana nah:
eko niaka : sva: ka: kim yaththath phadhamanuththamam.

REALITY 0r TRUTH is one and one only. IT is known by different names
and seen in different forms.
Dear Mr.Ranganathan ji,

Exactly ! GOD is the same in all religions ! and ONLY one !
The difference is in the way people approach him and methods of worship !

And one thing from our custom has been bothering me !

Why is Archanai done in the name of a person , mentioning the nakshatra , gothra etc
loudly in GOD's Sannidhaanam ??
Do I need to introduce myself to GOD or mark my attendance !
If Archanai is done to get some income for the gurukkal , temple admins and vendors selling coconuts , flower etc, then Archanai could be done in the deity's name only !
Will GOD give u the blessings only if u introduce urself by name , gothra etc ??
Pl Advise !
Who is God...

Dear Mr.Vijisesh,

You can pray in your house also. No need to have pooja room also !

In temples, there is more sannithyam. Some are swayambu, some are
consecrated by rishis, some by devas and some others by human beings.
The Deities have sakthi. That is why we go to the Temple.

In archanai, the priest says that this is done on behalf of Mr. X, who
belongs to ...... etc. God knows what is best for you even otherwise.

Saint Tirumoolar says that your body itself is a Temple and God is
seated in your heart. This is for those who have reached the highest
level. Whether you go to Temple or stay put in the house, it is enough
if you surrender to HIM.
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