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Girl child should be killed: Salma Ansari

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This statement coming from the wife of Vice-President of India only highlights the helpness of Girls in Indian cities.In some other thread , it was reported how a lady travelling alone in a ladies compartment was raped and thrown out of running train and susequently died in a hospital in Kerala State.
In such cases it should be the moral duty of the State Government to take full responsibility of extending financial support to the girl,if alive,
and to the family in case the girl has been victimised and killed.
In the yester years we, the boys and males, have been told to do Amaavasya Tarpanam and pitru kaaryas for 'vamsa vriddhi'. And lo, you have boys outnumbering girls. Now because of imbalance in boy:girl ratio, vamsa vriddhi is delayed or halted. Have our Shastras any remedy for multiplying dharmasamvardhanis?
It is sad that the wife of the vice-president should comment thus,instead of giving suggestions to rectify if there is really discrimination. This will only add fuel to the fire & give courage to to kill a girl child.
I think she expressed in a sense of disgust at the assault on women. Let us not twist and sensationalise that as media does. Most of the people in the electronic media throw all propriety of journalism to winds.

She must have told this out of total despair and helplessness. But, she being in an exalted position must have exercised self-restraint. Let us not make this a big issue.
may be that is the otherway to safe guard girls. Because when only thenumber of tigers are less, we have programmes and boards tosafe guard them. . Likewise when women are less they willbe looked after by giving protection to them and thus help women.
The news item says "She was expressing her resentment and helplessness in the way the society is treating girls, especially in view of the rising crimes against them". Quoting a sentence out of context is not correct. We will understand the purport of her statement only when full speech is given.

India has banned gender test in pregnancy. So what? As per newspaper reports, people can fly to gulf, find out and return here in a day. Of course, it is only the mad class who are proud to be at variance with nature, given their money power.
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