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Generation of fund for holy causes

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Dear Friends,
I have so far translated about 100 great stotras which include Parayana material like Sundara Kandaam, Devi Mahatmyam, Sahasranamas like Vishnu Sahasranamam, Lalitha Sahasranamam, Shiva Sahasranamam, and other books like Soundarya lahari, shivananda lahari, Mukunda mala,Abhirami andhathi, Thiruppavai, Thiruvempavai, Jnanapana of Poonthanam and many more. Genuine fund collectors for religious purposes can approach me and I would give them a CD consisting of the text files of all these translations free of cost.These can be sold by them to generate funds. There is no investment at all. All you need is a CD drive.At a very conservative estimate, the translations of these 100 books will cost about Rs 1000. The organisers can sell it for rupees hundred.Please contact me if you are interested, Ramachander
This sounds very interesting. I have some questions - when you say "translated" , kindly elaborate what you mean. Are they translated into English, as text, or as audio files, etc etc

Thanks and congratulations on the great job

More than translation can there be mp3 songs for all the slokas and sadhya vanthanam. i am ready to fund that type of an effort. We shall distribute the same free for benefit of peopel who want to start and they donto have any body to teach


My sisters son pramodh, who is studying 10th standard, who is poor as his father is doing a simple job.He is needing fund further tuitions, and for his educational development. Please note His fathers office phno 04331-250226 office no . Mr. R.Rangarajan. A Reasonable amount can help his studies.

With Regards,

A Reasonable amount of between Rs.10000 and Rs.15000 can help , with that the concern person and the family, along with their son, as mentioned, can go ahead with good nutrious foods, purchasing of new relevant books and tuition fees. It is a better idea to speak with the concern person Mr.Rengarajan, the student's Father. Please speak during day time.
Fathers Name: V.Rengarajan.
working in a Pvt company-
Yearly income -Rs36000 please check ( I have given approximate amount)
His son Pramodh.R recently has written SSLC (State board) - Examination-
Through Modern Matriculation Higher secondary school, Jayamkondan.
His usually marks around 70-80 % . He expects around 80% in the recently concluded SSLC Examination. They are in need of support in terms of Funds. Please speak to Mr. V. Rengarajan regarding the same in what way of they are looking for support. His number is 04331-250226.
Thank you.

Pls provide the marks scored by the Child. I feel the forum encourage member donars to assist for medical and education only and that also for the child
ok sure! We are expecting the results- with in two or three days- or maximum by 1 week. I will reply back to you shortly regarding this.
Pls provide the marks scored by the Child. I feel the forum encourage member donars to assist for medical and education only and that also for the child
Hi sarathy
The boy has scored, not that much marks.The school has shown a poor performance. Boys Parents are looking for best school for which, they require a reasonable amount. Regarding this could you please any thing, as per the details I have given to you, in my earlier mail.
I am currently in chennai and can work with similar like minded people in Chennai to facilitate providing support for education & Medical needs of the request posted in this site. Probably we can think of forming trust for this and build corpus as well as local groups for coordinating this.
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