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general survival of brahmins in TN

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Join a satsangh or ghoshti or compatible religious body in your area; you will be gradually drawn into bigger and nobler things and will understand your traditions, scriptures and way of life better.
General survival of brahmins in TN

Dear Sirs

These days it is hard to survive survival of the fittest kindly suggest
some elderly persons so that i can construct my life in a new way


Dear Sri "alwar",

I am an octogenarian, since your profile do not provide much information, I could not arrive at whether you are younger or elder to me. However I wish to assure you life is precious and we should view every day of our survival with optimism. It is the creator who takes care of us, and we are like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, every one has a purpose in life and fit in beautifully in the finished tapestry of life, which the creator only knows.

There is nothing special to do to survive in TN. Let us mix freely in the society where we live in and try to live as a good human being first and last, that is enough to survive any where. In today's world there are many ways we can be of use to family and society. Good society, good books and good company of friends will certainly help us to construct our life in the right path. I always feel every day is a new day given to me by the creator, which I should thankfully use to the benefit of the society in which I live.
Shri Alwar, as stated by Brahmanyan, the solution to your problem depends on the age group you happen to be in. If you are young, it is the time you must work hard at some occupation, trade or calling in order to achieve a certain amount of material prosperity so that your old age (with all its attendant illnesses) is spent with minimum security and comfort. And if you are middle-aged, it is time perhaps to settle down in life somewhere and fulfill your family and other social obligations. If you are old, then you can still be useful to society other than by pursuing a career and fulfilling family obligations. At all times, however, you must take care of your spiritual needs by daily prayers, the reading of scriptures and associating with the satsangh of whatever faith you may owe allegiance. Do not bother about those people who may dislike or discriminate against you because of your faith. If you try, you can still find your own groove from where you can still function and maintain a dignified life.
Not open for further replies.

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