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Gems of Kerala padmanabha swamy temple hold experts in a spell

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The gems in Vault A, first of the six secret cellars at the Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram holding invaluable treasures, have bound the gemologists engaged by a Supreme Court-appointed expert committee to evaluate them in a spell with their amazing shapes, shine, size, cut, variety and abundance, according to sources.
Gemologists are reportedly finding it extremely difficult to evaluate the gems, find out the peculiarities of the stones studded in the Sarapoli Malas (light-radiating necklaces) taken from the chamber and to document them properly, sources say. Equally amazing are the gold articles taken out from Vault A for evaluation and documentation by the expert committee.
The vault contains over 2,500 Sarapoli Malas and many stone-studded crowns making it almost impossible to count the gems stored in it. Most of these gold necklaces are said to contain theNavaratnas – the nine gems. It is also said that these gems keep their individuality and uniqueness due to their particular origin, cut, sheen and shape.

There are countless emeralds among the treasures. These peculiarities and the antique value make the process of evaluation of these gems and ornaments tough for the gemologists and other experts. Sources said that the experts could examine only four Sarapoli Malas in the first two days.

Gems of Kerala temple hold experts in a spell

Pray Lord Padmanabhaswamy to keep these precious jewellaries safe in HIS own custody under the guard of Seshnag
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