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Ganesha Pancharatnam

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Life is a dream
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Ganesa Pancha rathnam
Five jewels about Ganesa
By Adhi Sankara Bhagavat Pada
Translated By P.R.Ramachander

Mudha karatha modhakam, sada vimukthi dayakam,
Kaladaravathamsakam, vichithra loka rakshakam,
Anayakaika nayakam vinasithebha daithyakam,
Nathashubha pranasakam, namami tham vinayakam.

I salute that remover of obstacles,
who has modakas in his hand,
who always bestows salvation,
who wears a part of moon on his head,

Who protects this world which is varied,
Who is the leader of those who cannot be lead,
Who is the cause of destruction of asuras,

And who destroys all things which are not good.

Nathetharathi bheekaram navodhitharka bhaswaram,
Namath surari nirjaram nathadhikapadhugdharam,
Sureswaram Nidheeswaram Gajeswaram Ganeswaram,
Maheswaram thamasraye parathparam nirantharam.

I bow before that great Lord permanently,
Who creates fear in the enemies of his devotees,
Who sparkles like the just risen sun,
Who is saluted by Gods and Asuras
who destroys obstacles of his devotees,

Who is the God of all devas,
Who is the God of all wealth,
Who is the God of all elephants,
And who is the leader of the army of Lord Shiva.

Samastha loka sankaram, nirastha daithya kunjaram,

Daretharodaram varam varebhavakthramaksharam,
Krupakaram, Kshamakaram, Mudhakaram, Yasaskaram,
Namaskaram Namaskrutham namaskaromi bhaskaram.

I bow to that Ganapathi who shines like the Sun,
Who bestows peace to all the worlds,
Who removed the Gajamukhasura from this world
Who has a very big paunch,
Who has an elephant-face which blesses,
And who is the one who shows kindness
Who is patient,

Who is full of blessing,
And who showers great fame,
to those who salute Him.

Akinchanarthimarjanam chiranthanokthi bhajanam,
Purari purva nandanam surari garva charvanam,
Prapancha nasa bheeshanam danamjayadhi bhooshanam,
Kapola dhana vaaranam Bhaje purana varanam.

I salute the very ancient elephant-god
Who destroys the wants of the have nots,
Who has been worshipped since ancient times,
Who is the eldest son of the lord who destroyed cities,
Who eats away the pride of the enemies of the gods,
Who is awesome at the time of final deluge,

Who wears serpents like Dananjaya as ornaments,
and who is fierce like the elephant in rut.

Nithanta kanthi dantha kantha manthakantha kathmajam,

Achinthya roopamantha heena mantha raya krunthanam,
Hrudanthare nirantharam vasanthameva yoginaam,
Tham eka dantha meka meva chinthayami santhatham.

I always meditate only on that God with single tusk,
Who is ever lustrous tusk is very pretty,
Who is the son of Lord who killed the god of death,

Who has a form beyond ones imagination,
Who is endless,
Who tears asunder all obstacles,

And who dwells forever in the heart of Yogis,
Like the season of spring.


Maha Ganesa pancha rathna maadharena yo anvaham,
Prajalpathi prabhathake hrudhi smaran ganeswaram,
Arogadhamadhosadham susahitheem suputhratham,
Samahithayurshta bhoothi mapyupaithi sochiraath.

The resultant benefit

He, who remembers with respect every morning,
These five gems of the great Lord Ganapathi,
and who meditates in his heart the leader of ganas,
Will soon be blessed with a healthy life,

Free of all problems, endowed with great peace
Great sons, longevity and spiritual and physical wealth.
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