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Ganesha Pancharatnam - in sanskrit with meaning

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Ganesha Pancharatnam - in sanskrit with meaning

(There is already a Thread Posted by Praveen Sir giving meaning in Tamil and Raji Madam Adding You tube song rendered by Smt MS Amma; As the thread is alredy closed, i am posting this here)

Among the various shlokas of Lord Ganesha, the Ganesha Pancharatna is a powerful shloka that can remove obstacles that come in the way of progress.

(Courtesy : Kumudam Bhakti, September 2002)

If you chant this shloka for 21 days at a stretch, you will experience lots of positive changes in your life. The unemployed will surely get a job, the childless will be blessed with children and Lord Ganesh will ensure that your family has a protective kavacha around it. Do not get disheartened if the benefits are slow. As you start reciting one mantra regularly, over a period of time, the mantra attains great potency. So, let us chant this redoubtable Ganesha Pancharatna shloka.

This mantra will free you from all your troubles and worries. Believe !


- composed by Sri Adi Shankaracharya

गणेशपञ्चरत्नम् - मुदाकरात्तमोदकं
Ganesha Pancharatnam: Mudakaratta Modakam


Sri Ganesha

मुदाकरात्तमोदकं सदा विमुक्तिसाधकं
कलाधरावतंसकं विलासिलोकरक्षकम् ।
अनायकैकनायकं विनाशितेभदैत्यकं
नताशुभाशुनाशकं नमामि तं विनायकम् ॥१॥

Mudaa-Karaatta-Modakam Sadaa Vimukti-Saadhakam
Kalaa-Dhara-Avatamsakam Vilaasi-Loka-Rakssakam |
Anaayakai[a-E]ka-Naayakam Vinaashitebha-Daityakam
Nata-Ashubha-Ashu-Naashakam Namaami Vinaayakam ||1||

1.1: (Salutations to Sri Vinayaka) Who Holds the Divine Joy in His Hand as Modaka (a sweetmeat) and Who Always strives to Accomplish the Liberation of His Devotees towards that Divine Joy,
1.2: Who Holds the Digit of the Moon as His Ornament and with a Joyful Spirit Protects the World,
1.3: Who is without any Master but is Himself the only Master for His Devotees, and Protects them by Destroying the (inner) Demons,
1.4: To those who Surrender to Him, He Destroys the Inauspicious tendencies Quickly; I Salute Sri Vinayaka and surrender to Him.



नतेतरातिभीकरं नवोदितार्कभास्वरं
नमत्सुरारिनिर्जरं नताधिकापदुद्धरम् ।
सुरेश्वरं निधीश्वरं गजेश्वरं गणेश्वरं
महेश्वरं तमाश्रये परात्परं निरन्तरम् ॥२॥
Nate[a-I]tara-Ati-Bhiikaram Navo[a-U]dita-Arka-Bhaasvaram
Namat-Sura-Ari-Nir-Jaram Nata-Adhika-Apad-Uddharam |
Sure[a-Ii]shvaram Nidhi-ishvaram Gaje[a-Ii]shvaram Ganne[a-Ii]shvaram
Mahe[a-Ii]shvaram Tama-Ashraye Paraatparam Nir-Antaram ||2||

2.1: (Salutations to Sri Vinayaka) To those who do not Bow down to God out of arrogance, He takes a Frightening form; His benign form is however like a Newly-Risen Sun,
2.2: Who is always Fresh without any Decay, and is Saluted Reverentially by the Devas and the Devoted Persons; Who Extricates those who Surrender to Him from Difficult Calamities,
2.3: Who is the God of the Devas, Who is the God of Prosperity, Who is the God with an Elephant Face and Who is the God of the Ganas (celestial attendants),
2.4: Who is the Great God; To His Refuge, Who is Superior than the Best, I Continually place myself in devotional surrender.



समस्तलोकशंकरं निरस्तदैत्यकुञ्जरं
दरेतरोदरं वरं वरेभवक्त्रमक्षरम् ।
कृपाकरं क्षमाकरं मुदाकरं यशस्करं
मनस्करं नमस्कृतां नमस्करोमि भास्वरम् ॥३॥
Samasta-Loka-Shamkaram Nirasta-Daitya-Kun.jaram
Dare[a-I]taro[a-U]daram Varam Varebha-Vaktram-Akssaram |
Krpaa-Karam Kssamaa-Karam Mudaa-Karam Yashas-Karam
Manas-Karam Namas-Krtaam Namas-Karomi Bhaasvaram ||3||

3.1: (Salutations to Sri Vinayaka) Who is the Auspicious Power behind All the Worlds and Who Removes the Mighty (inner) Demons,
3.2: Whose Huge Body signifies Prosperity and Boon-Giving and Whose Most Excellent Face reflects His Imperishable Nature.
3.3: Who Showers Grace, Who Showers Forgiveness, Who Showers Joy and who Showers Glory to His Devotees,
3.4: Who Bestows Intelligence and Wisdom to those Who Salute Him with Reverence; I Salute His Shining Form.



अकिंचनार्तिमार्जनं चिरन्तनोक्तिभाजनं
पुरारिपूर्वनन्दनं सुरारिगर्वचर्वणम् ।
प्रपञ्चनाशभीषणं धनंजयादिभूषणम्
कपोलदानवारणं भजे पुराणवारणम् ॥४॥
Akincana-[A]arti-Maarjanam Cirantano[a-U]kti-Bhaajanam
Pura-Ari-Puurva-Nandanam Sura-Ari-Garva-Carvannam |
Prapan.ca-Naasha-Bhiissannam Dhananjaya-[A]adi-Bhuussannam
Kapola-Daana-Vaarannam Bhaje Puraanna-Vaarannam ||4||

4.1: (Salutations to Sri Vinayaka) Who Wipes out the Sufferings of the Destitutes who take His Refuge; Who is the Receptacle of the Words of Praises of the Ancients,
4.2: Who is the Former Son (the latter being Kartikeya) of the Enemy of Tripurasuras (i.e. Lord Shiva), and Who Chews down the Pride and Arrogance of the Enemies of the Devas,
4.3: Who wields Terrible Power to Destroy the delusion of the Five Elements constituting the World (from the mind of His Devotees); Who Himself is Adorned with the Powers (behind the Five Elements) like Fire etc,
4.4: From Whose Cheeks flow down the Juice of Grace; Salutations to Him Whose Praise similarly flows down like Juice from the Puranas.



अचिन्त्यरूपमन्तहीनमन्तरायकृन्तनम् ।
हृदन्तरे निरन्तरं वसन्तमेव योगिनां
तमेकदन्तमेव तं विचिन्तयामि सन्ततम् ॥५॥
Acintya-Ruupam-Anta-Hiinam-Antaraaya-Krntanam |
Hrd-Antare Nirantaram Vasantam-Eva Yoginaam
Tam-Eka-Dantam-Eva Tam Vicintayaami Santatam ||5||

5.1: (Salutations to Sri Vinayaka) Whose Beautiful Form of Ekadanta is very much Dear to His Devotees, and Who is the Son of the One (referring to Lord Shiva) Who Put an End to (i.e. restrained) Antaka (i.e. Yama).
5.2: Whose essential Form is Inconceivable and without any Limit, and which Cuts through the Obstacles of His Devotees,
5.3: Who Continually Abides in the Cave of the Heart of the Yogis.
5.4: I Continually Reflect upon Him, the Ekadanta (another name of Sri Vinayaka).



महागणेशपञ्चरत्नमादरेण योऽन्वहं
प्रजल्पति प्रभातके हृदि स्मरन् गणेश्वरम् ।
अरोगतामदोषतां सुसाहितीं सुपुत्रतां
समाहितायुरष्टभूतिमभ्युपैति सोऽचिरात् ॥६॥
Mahaa-Gannesha-Pan.ca-Ratnam-Aadarenna Yo[ah-A]nvaham
Prajalpati Prabhaatake Hrdi Smaran Ganne[a-Ii]shvaram |
Arogataam-Adossataam Su-Saahitiim Su-Putrataam
Samaahita-Ayur-Asstta-Bhuutim-Abhy-Upai[a-E]ti So[ah-A]ciraat ||6||

6.1: (Salutations to Sri Vinayaka) Those who Read the Great Ganesha Pancharatnam (five Jewels in praise of Sri Ganesha) with Devotion ...
6.2: ... and Utter this in the Early Morning Contemplating on Sri Ganeshvara in their Hearts ...
6.3: ... will get Free from Diseases and Vices, will get Good Spouses and Good Sons, ....
6.4: ... and with it He will get Long Life and the Eight Powers soon.


Ganesha Pancharatnam - in sanskrit with meaning - Stotra on Sri Ganesha

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Ganesha Pancharatna Shloka by Adi Shankara by G. Venkatesh
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