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Ganapathi Shodasa Nama Stotram

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Sri Ganapathi Shodasa Nama Stotram
Translated by P.R.Ramachander

Sumukhaschaikadanthascha, Kapilo Gaja Karnika,
Lambhodarascha Vikato Vignarajo Vinayaka.

Pleasant faced god,
God with one tusk,
God who is reddish black,
God with an elephant ears,
God with a very broad paunch,
God who is cruel to his enemies,
God who is the remover of obstacles,
God who is the leader of those who removes obstacles.

Dhoomakethurganadhyaksha Phalachandro Gajanana,
Vakra Thunda Soorpakarno Herambha Skanda poorvaja.

God who is the color of smoke,
God who is president of an army,
God who has crescent in his forehead,
God who walks like an elephant,
God who has a broken tusk,
God who has very broad ears,
God who stays close to Lord Shiva,
God who is elder brother of Subrahmanya.

Shodasaithani namani ya padeth srunuyadhapi,
Vidhyarambhe vivahe cha pravese, nirgame thadha,
Sangrame sarvakarye cha vigna sthasya Na jayathe.

One who reads, hears are remembers these sixteen names,
During the commencement of education,
During the marriage ceremony,
During the commencement or coming back from a journey,
During war or for that matter during any matter,
Will not face any difficulties and will attain victory.
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