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Four varnas

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'Varnas' are 4 major divisions of labour or profession, within a typically Hindu society.

They don't exist on a hierarchy, with brahmins at the top and shudras at the bottom.

They exist side by side, with no one being supreme and no one being mean or despicable.

Varnas are not acquired by birth alone.

Voluntary inter-change of varnas is permitted, but due to rigidities in the present day's Hindu society and several misconceptions surrounding the basis of division of these varnas, this inter-change does not happen.

(Chanakya was brahmin by birth, but kshatriya by choice; Drona also ditto. Sage Yagnyavalkya says he brought up one of his sons as a brahmin, one as a kshatriya and so on).

Varnashrama Dharma as described in Manu smriti etc. is neither practical nor acceptable, with the ever-changing society and its culture.

I am a strong votary of Thiruvalluvar (Pirappokkum ella uyirkkum),
Avvai (Sathi irandozhiya verillai) and Bharathi (sathigal illaiyadi paappa; endha niramirundhalum, avai yavum ore tharam andro) in this matter.

I will post more in the following days/weeks, upon seeing the responses from other members
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Dear Pannvalan,

You have opened a Pandora's Box or at least a hornet's nest.

There is no 'Varna' today, nor has it been, I suspect for a very long time. In terms of time, how does 10000 years sound to you?

I hope you do not get vilified the way I was in a different Forum, trying to raise the same topic.

Good luck.

since the topic of varnaashrama has been brought up, i would like to ask a question.
if i am not wrong from what i have read before a long long time ago the Brahmana, Kshatirya, Vaishya varnas used to be vested with the sacred thread.
why does these practise differ now?

for the other varnas besides the brahmins, why is it during preformance of funeral rites the male concern is vested with a string resembling the sacred thread?

note:this question is only for knowledge purposes and i have no intention of stiring the hornets nest.

kindly respond please
Dear Pannvalan,
Varnas no longer exist. Varnas have degenerated in to jathis. Even if people wish to dump jathi, politicians and perons with vested interest will not allow. Venkat
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