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Forum to forgive and forget: Kerala police organises meeting of accused and their vic

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The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong
...... Mahatma Gandhi[/FONT]

[h=1]Forum to forgive and forget: Kerala police organises meeting of accused and their victims[/h]
I am sure that the program will be a turning point for many people to return to goodness, said one participant.

“I believe that in every human being there is an element of goodness inside him. If a feeling of guilt is created in him, he will not repeat the crime he has committed. With that motto, we have planned a set of programmes, and this is just the beginning,” Chackarackal Sub Inspector Biju P told TNM.

Many of the participants at the event certainly seemed to agree with SI Biju’s views. 35-year-old Shyju, one of the complainants who participated in the discussion, said that the experience was a rewarding one for all the people involved.
Narrating his own experience, Shyju talked of meeting a few youths who had assaulted him while drunk. “We spoke a lot.

They apologised to me and admitted that what they did was wrong. Now I am not angry at them. I have completely forgiven them for what they did,” he said.

Praising the event highly, Shyju added that he felt every police station should organise such events. “The experience that both parties get is amazing. I spoke to many people who were accused of many crimes, and were under trial or had been convicted. All had many stories to tell, which actually help us forgive them. I am sure that the program will be a turning point for many people to return to goodness," he told TNM.

SI Biju said that incidents from his own career made him feel heartened by the results of Namukkorumichirikkam. He looked back, in particular, at the case of Firoz, a man arrested for stealing money from some migrant labourers to pay the bills for his wife’s delivery.

“His wife did not know it was stolen money, so she kept it with her. When we recovered the money and arrested him, he held his child and cried. I can still hear the cry inside me. I even thought of dropping the case,” he narrated.

“There are many such incidents where people turn to crime due to their circumstances. They can be brought back to life through the feeling of guilt,” the officer said.

Read more at: http://www.thenewsminute.com/articl...nises-meeting-accused-and-their-victims-64699
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