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Forgotten musical instruments now on display at Egmore Museum

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Ancient musical instruments at display...

[h=1]Yazh to panchangi veenai: Forgotten musical instruments now on display at Egmore Museum[/h]

In addition to Dravidian instruments, Mughal and Sikh musical instruments and sculptures dating back to the Chola period are also on display.

It could be a daunting task to study the origin of music. However, with the help of traditional musical instruments, we can try our best to trace the ways in which humans viewed music and developed their musical skills.

The Egmore Museum in Chennai has set up an exclusive and curated temporary-exhibit of musical instruments and dance sculptures that will be open until February 12.

Kavitha Ramu IAS, Director, Department of Museums, says that the idea was to bring more enthusiastic folks to visit the museum.
“Being a dancer myself I wished to throw some light on the ancient artefacts and the varied kind of musical instruments already available in the museum. We also wanted to celebrate the fact that Chennai has joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network recently,” she says.

Niveditha Louis, content curator of the exhibit, reveals that most of the instruments are on display for the first time.

Read more at: https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/yazh-panchangi-veenai-forgotten-musical-instruments-now-display-egmore-museum-76202
[h=1]Rare musical instruments on display[/h]

[h=2]The exhibition is on till February 12 at the Government Museum in Egmore[/h]An exhibition of bronze idols and ancient musical instruments is under way at the Anthropological Gallery in Government Museum, Egmore.

The month-long exhibition will end on February 12.

According to a press release, ancient musical instruments such as Panchamuga Vadyam , Burmese Saung, Swarabat, Kashtatarang, Muga Veenai, Kombu, Swara Mandal, Nagara, Tuntina, Kanjira, Sangu, Mayuri, Kinnari, Tappu, Sarangi, Esraj, Ruabab, Villadi Vadyam, Tiruchinnam, Bhoori, Mahout, Damaru, Jalatarang, Yazh,Virkodi Yazh, Senkottu Yazh, Magara Yazh, Mayil Yazh, Eruthu Yazh, Vichitra Veena, Nagula Veena, Panchangi Veena, Veda Veena and Glass Dholak will be on display. Here are short descriptions of some of the instruments on display.

Read more at: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp-downtown/rare-musical-instruments-on-display/article22425751.ece
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