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for lovers of poetry&peace.....

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"And then there crept a little noiseless noise among the leaves,
Born of the very sigh that silence heaves"
(John Keats)

"..... in Armstrong Redwoods Park and I was astonished at those trees. The more I looked at them, the more I came to appreciate them. It was completely still, unlike our tropical forests in India, where elephants trumpet, tigers roar, and there is a constant symphony of sound.
Here everything was still, and I enjoyed the silence so much that I remembered these lines of John Keats. It is a perfect simile for the silence of the mind, when all personal conflicts are resolved, when all selfish desires come to rest. All of us are looking for this absolute peace, this inward, healing silence in the redwood forest of the mind. When we find it, we will become small forces for peace wherever we go...."
Sri.Raju Sir,

Greetings. It depends upon the season. May be Redwood Parks was quiet in the late autumn....But I can't imagine Redwood park or any national park for that metter (in the tropical belt) to stay quiet in spring and in summer. Matter of fact, it can be very noisy. (mainly birds and crickets).

Not open for further replies.

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