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Five rare stotras addressed to Lord Vinayaka

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Dear Friends,
My best wishes for you to observe and benefit from worshipping Vinayaka(The remover of Obstacles) on this Vinayaka Chathruthi day of 2013.
Here are five very rare stotras addressed to Lord Ganapathi with English translation)

Ganesa Manasa pooja
Raja Thatha's stotra translations: Ganesa Manasa Pooja
Ganea Bahya pooja
Raja Thatha's stotra translations: Ganesha Bahya Pooja
Vallabhesa KJaravalambam
Raja Thatha's stotra translations: Vallabhesa Kara Valamba Dasakam
Vallabhesa Hrudayam
Raja Thatha's stotra translations: Vallabhesa Hrudayam
Vinayaka Sthuthi from Varaha Puranam
Raja Thatha's stotra translations: Vinayaka Sthuthi from Varaha Purana



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Dear Sir,

I would just like to ask a question..

In this translation below..the word Dantha is translated as Teeth.
I would like to know why the word Tusk is not used instead..

Technically Dantha is used to denote Teeth no doubt but for elephants the word Dantha is also used to denote tusks.

So could you kindly explain as why the word Teeth was used here instead of Tusk..may be there is something I might not know about.

Thank you.

Souchadhikam they parikalpayami,
Herambha vai dantha vishudhimevam,
Vasthrena samprokshya maukharavindam,
Devam sabhayam vinivesayami. 3

After mentally doing ablations of the morn,
Including the cleaning of his teeth,
I wipe his lotus like face with a cloth,
And bring the God who is near to Shiva ,
To the assembly of the devas.
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