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First Death Anniversary Homam

Dear Sirs,

Please kindly advice, what are the procedures to perform the Homam for the death anniversary (completion of one year) and can it be performed on 12th January 2019.

Kind Regards

Vinod N Sami


Well-known member
on 11-02-2018 Tamil month thai . krishna paksam and ekadasi thithi upto 5 P.M. If the person dies on 11-02-2018 after 5 p.m. annula ceremony must be done on thai month ,krishna paksham, dwadasi thithi. If the person dies before 5 P.M.on thai month, krishna apksham ekadasi thithi next year onwards annual ceremony must be done . Thithi will change at any time in 24 hours. so death time is very important to decide annual ceremony from next year onwards. from the next day from amavasya to purnami (fullmoon.) is called sukla paksham. the next day from full moon to amavasya ( new moon) is called krishna paksham.

on 31-01-2019 thai month, krishna paksham ekadasi thithi is there. only on that day first year ceremony should be performed. before that onna masikam and sodakumbam and masikam should be performed. then on 01-02-2019 udhakashanthi and suba sweekaram must be done. If the dead person is a sumangali lady every year on the next day of annual ceremony sumangali parthana must be done. mantras will vary as per yajur vedam, bodayanam, rik vedam and sama vedam. also it will vary as per telegu brahmin, kannada brahmin, tamil brahmin , kerala brahmin.
Vannakkam ... Can you please teach me some or provide extra information as to how this was performed... they are Tamil, Siva Linkage. In Fiji we have a problem where most people do not look for thithi ... and they do most of the things blindly. What will be the ritual for Tamil .. if the caste is unknown or the linkage?

Can you please teach me Ganapathi Homam my email is [email protected]

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