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Finer moments in life

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Life is an experience and we learn and unlearn everyday.We come across various people in our day to day life and some of the experiences are so satisfying and fulfilling.It is to catalogue such happenings that I thought of this idea.I am sure every one will have similiar experiences.

Here is a simple but very memorable experience I had six months ago.
I was at the Bangalore City Railway Station at 5.30 am on that day.I was in the Que for buying a platform ticket at the vending Machine.We have to insert coins valued Rs 3 to get a ticket.There were ten people before me and an elderly and decent looking pious gentleman was having problems with changes when he approached the machine.He was looking around for help but no one seemed to help and seemed tense.I ventured and gave him the required coins.He got his job done and jocularly remarked that he has started the day with begging!!!

I finished my job and found him still waiting to talk to me.He still could not manage to get change and was looking for me.He said sorry and said he has only a 10 Rs note.I told him "do not bother", feel relaxed and If you still want to remove the tag of a beggar you can pass on the ten rupee note to me and return home as a philanthropist.He laughed heartily loudly,embraced me and went home.

I really enjoyed the incident and the man whoever he is ,got endeared
to me by his simplicity, honesty and sincerity.I felt very relaxed and
happy after the incident.I may not meet that person again but his image and the incident lingers on even today when I go to the railway station

Sabesan Narayanaswami
yes, such incidents make us more humble and happy innately. By our small actions when we bring about happiness to others that is more satisfying and we feel a sort of goodness around us ... I agree sabesan sir.

i have found one thing of greatest joy in a day, is to perform a random act of kindness.

it comes appealing without notice. suddenly.

and your natural sense of goodness rises to the top. and gives great satisfaction.

random acts of kindness. one of the best medicines for a good day. :)
It is a win win situation for both of you.You are happy that you could help someone who is a total stranger at the of need and the person who enjoyed your megnaminity got his work done when he was totally helpless.Definitely he too will remember you whenever he has to get platform ticket from the vending machine after this incident.

Shri Sabesan Narayanaswami ji,

Thank you for the excellent posting. In dire need, helping a person like this is a great job. Just as this incidence is in your mind afresh, the other person will also be cherishing the same ideas. Sharing of this kind of experience really adds merit to threads like this. Kindly keep it up.

'அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள்
பெருமாளே! - திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ் '
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