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Financian assistance for a cancer Patient

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During my visit to Srirangam, I came across a lady last week. Her name is Smt.S.Usha W/o T.R.Srinivasan, 50, South Madavilagham st., Behind Dasavathara Sannathi, Srirangam. Trichy -6 ., Cell No 919381259465 She has advanced stage of Cancer that had spread entire body.

This family needs some financial support and any one who wish to help or direct to a place / forward this address is most welcome.
For your information I met the mother of this woman at Sri Ranganathar Temple.
cancer treatments seems to be quite expensive out here. i came to know bit about this, only when my neighbor succumbed to it, and I was helping him, taking him to hospital for almost 5 months, in a time, when his children were not around..

I suggest 2 places where things are nominal, supported with the latest technology. this was his words.

KIDWAI, madiwala , bangalore.. its very cheap.. only need to pay for medicines, and rest is all free. but long line. quality and technology is far advanced, this is the best one in bangalore, with highly experienced doctors

st.Johns med college, bangalore... quite advanced, quick admission, need to pay for all facilities used, but very cheap and affordable. my neigbur got a sponsor, from an occasional european visitor to this hospital, who foot all his bills. chances are there to get sponsors easily.
Hello Mr.Ramachandran,
I would like to do an one time donation of Rs.2500/- to this family. Is it possible for you to get me the full PIN code ? I am living in USA and will be sending a demand draft by Citi Bank.

Thanks for your time and service,

Ravi Seshadri
i would strongly recommend that this person contact kerala iyers trust. they will pay for the full amount, if he is found after verification by a third party. the trust currently has funds for this purpose.
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