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Favorite lemon

Not open for further replies.
Hello Sugumaran ,very well said .the condition is known as XEROSTOMIA ie - dry mouth.patients with this condition when meet a dental surgeon ,first we rule out the cause of it ,as it can be due to age- physiological ,normal 2-due to drug induced ,3-radiation .etc .as a home regime I advise patients sip water,unsweetened drinks frequently.and here comes your LEMON as it acts on our salivary glands to produce saliva.
Dear Dr CN

Ha! There you are! You don't have give only medical opinions - just jump into the fray
and confuse us all like Dr Renu does.

Looks like the camel is escaping from Renu, [hiding behind his Mom], so she seems
to have found a brand new thing to go at - Uma [ Tmt VR's Usha ].

Now, you don't let go, just jump in - would love to hear/read more from you.

Yay Yem
Did anyone notice 'SOLE THROAT' in the OP??
PS: I think I could have been a successful proof reader!! :ranger:
Good morning mam,100% true ,you deserve more than that.hope your trip was comfortable,you all had good darshan .pls elaborate in your thread.
Dear Raji Mam

Yes, I aglee, a vely good ploof leader. Ample ploof to discoulage wliting
about remon juice.

Please erabolate on youl dalshan in youl thlead.


Yay Yem
Not open for further replies.

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