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Family Deity of The Appaya Dikishta-Neelkanda Dikishta Clan.

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This Clan has seen so many Stalwarts- Appaya, Neelakanda, Gopala, Mannargudi Raju Sastrigal, P.S.Loganthan, Swami Sivananda(divine life Society), Kodaganallur Sundara Swamigal(the inspiration of Sundara munivar in Manonmaniyam), Sir.C.P.Ramasamy Iyer, C.R.Pattabiraman and my Periappa-Leo Seshan.

Can anyone throw light on the family deity? This thread can be unifying factor for the clan members of Adaypalam, Chenji, Palamadai,Kottaram, Kodaganallur and spread elsewhere.
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I had a Prasna in Salem, which identified that the Kuladeivam was a Goddess, Green in colour and was adjacent to my village-Palamadai. One of my friends, an astrologer also confirmed that the aspect of Budhan in my horoscope, identifies with the same Santhaswaroopi. Going through this, we found out the temple in Kottaram village.

Interstingly, your post throws a new light-Swaminathan is another of those names which run in the family.

Kindly let me know if the reading has told about the place.

1. All places I have mentioned in my 2nd post are in vicinity of Tirunelveli town/Sankar Nagar.
2. I am not an astrologer and have no knowledge about it.
3. The points I had referred to are in the form of notes which I have taken and posted.


I have not heard about the places which u quote in #1 above....

Even then I hv positioned the status of the temple in my reply above....

100% it will be Muruga, which can be known from the elders, who are from the above places.....and none as you quoted in ur above posts (goddess nor budhan, etc...)

I can proove to my knowledge, about the Kuladeivam, if all the horoscope of the above persons, you have mentioned is analysed, you will find Mars will either be aspecting or, positioned or associated with 12th lord of Karagamsa Lagna... and this can also be checked with Vimsamsa chart (D-20) of all the above persons horoscope....

this is the speciality of Horoscope (Which shows the same planet in the entire family)

The name and place of the temple can be found out only with horoscopes of the persons whom u have mentioned above, and not with the prashna chart, what i have made......

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