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families caught between faith and desperation


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The first complaints about the Christian Prayer Center were short and cryptic – but not enough for the Washington state attorney general’s office to investigate. These people bilked me.

But then, a lengthy letter landed, from a family whose members were both heartbroken and furious.
“They had a child with a rare terminal illness,” said assistant attorney general Daniel Davies. “They were looking for hope anywhere they could get it. One of the places they turned to was the Christian Prayer Center.

“When they are going through incredibly difficult situations, often times people turn to prayer,” Davies continued. “They see a website touting that thousands of people will pray for you. They have a pastor, testimonials on the website of people whose prayers were answered.

“The pastor was a sham,” he said. “The testimonials were fictitious as well.”

The child is still dying.


This was an old case, But will that argument hold in India?
How long must you wait, for prayers to work?

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If you truly believed in Karma, any amount of begging and praising the Lord is not changing anything. So it is futile to beg (that is what prayers are).

It is mere presumption that prayers are either beggary or flattery. It might be applicable to certain religions but in India, the concept of bhakti marga is far more evolved.

nānyathā te 'khila-guro
ghateta karunātmanah
yas ta āśisha āśāste
na sa bhrityah sa vai vanik

One who desires some material benefit in exchange for devotional service cannot be Your pure devotee. Indeed, he is no better than a merchant who wants profit in exchange for service. (Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 7.10.4)

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