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Falsehood in modern outlook

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The enclosed poem was written by me a few years ago, echoing the true concerns about the falsehood in the modern outlook, as adopted by many in Indian metros and abroad.

When thousands of westerners are trying to appreciate our lifestyle and culture and want to adopt/practise them themselves, why do we nurture the illusion that anything that comes from USA or Europe is the best and is perfectly in sync with modern times?

This is the underlying theme.

I know there will be some voices of protest to the contents, especially from those in the age group of 16 to 35.


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Sri Pannvalan,


Externally one can be modern, may be through dress style, hairstyle etc. But internally one can be tradition - there is nothing wrong in it.

I wish all our youngsters, both boys and girls read your poem and understand the true meaning of it.

All the best
Sri Pannvalan,

This is a wonderful poem. Kindly allow me comment on the poem, please. I like to comment about one small bit at a time.

Stanza 7. It is brilliant. You have noticed the 'vittu kodukkum panbu'. I left India in 1990. Before that, I thought I had this 'panbu'. In fact I was proud of it too (mamathai). Here in Australia, I realised everyone has that 'panbu' (even if they look rough, full of tattoos etc. Not only that, I noticed these people are more than willing to help the person ahead of them in the queue even if it meant waiting for longer. (Only in their pesonal lives they fail to follow that. I asked my friends about that. They explained that, When the spouses have a fight, it becomes a ruthless war; no mercy! As of now I have not understood that though).

But I have noticed recent arraivals and students from India have no such 'panbu' at all. Shamefully, they put themselves first, always try to use others. I always felt bad about such behaviours.

Our children grow up in this society develop very good social mannerism from school. But, they take the liberty to dump their reactions to their harmonal imbalances during their teen years on the parents. They feel safe with the parents; that's why they do it.

I focused stanza 7 in application to a very small group namely teen-agers only. That does not justify Sri. Pannvalans poem. That poem is applicable to everyone.
Shri Pannvalan,
A great poem. Though the poem was written by you a few years back yet the thoughts are relevant even to day. Let all the youngsters read the poem. Venkat
Dear shri pannalvan ji

It is indeed a great poem. Every line of it is so true and every youngster should read this, that includes the girl I mentioned in my other recent post. Well done and thank you.

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