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We have threads to share our views and ideas. But I think there is no thread to share our personal experiences/memories. Seeing that most of our members are 60+, I think it would be good to share their experience in a separate thread and hence this new thread. I request our esteemed members to share their experience/memories which could be useful and/or interesting to others. I am sure we would keep up our tradition of dignity and decency.

Let us learn. Let us have fun. Ready, Steady, Shoot......
Well. I looked for experience from 60+ people. But since I have been asked to "lead by example", let me mention an incident.

I had my entire schooling in Tamil medium. For my deree, I went for Enlish medium. Right on day 1 I was asked to write an essay in English on a subject. One can understand my plight. When I came back home and narrated my story to my sister (with whom I was staying then), she said, "That is interesting. We would have fun listening to your stories everyday". I resolved that I would rather take care of myself than to look for sympathy. I then worked hard and learned English in such a way that I went on to teach English on a part time basis even to professional students. It was an experience indeed.
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Another experience:

This happened when I was about 6. We had a steel drum in our house to store rice. My mother wanted to dry the drum and so she left it in the sunlight in the pavement in front of our house. As a child, curiosity got better of me and I got into the drum. Alas! I was not able to come out (Abhimanyu’s position – can get in but can not get out!!). Everyone in the family tried to lift my head up but my big head just got struck at the neck of the drum. Everyone in the family got nervous and was thinking of breaking the drum to get me out. Seeing their plight, a passerby (remember, this is happening in the pavement) offered his help. The good Samaritan was able to lift my head through the narrow neck of the drum and there I am – out and relieved. This was one of my child pranks!
Ok that's good.... But you have not shared your experience on 'how you learnt to speak good english and went on to teach English'. What was the magic that you did to let us know how you learnt English. If you say "sheer hardwork" then the charm is lost. But if you let us know the steps taken by you one by one I think many people will learn from your experience.
Well Well Well ... here again you have not narrated how did the Samaritan was able to remove your head from the drum. What did he do that others didn't know ?
that great one
i got experience
i it was public speaking
hundreds of them listen to my talk
i was so nerveous and thinking how to handle it
when my turns comes i just stand there without a word
suddenly confident cames on mind saying that people is here for me
if i cant talk they will upset so start talk without see noted
my confident turns good attention
i get a award for it
my topic is happiness in life
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