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evil prospers

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Dear Sundachu , I could understand your feeling.
For an argument we will presume God appears in front of you.
Fine before that which God you wish to appear in front of you.
Either Hindu or Christianity or Islam.
Then What is going to be your question.
To how many people you are going to ask for Poetic justice or punishment for Wicked.
Just think over the answer will be nothing.
First you should understand these Gods communities etc are our own creation.
Method of prayer type of living are our own making.
Just ask your inner sense before taking any major decision in life, it will tell you and guide you the pros and cos of your decision.
We accept this when it is to our liking and reject when it is the other way.
It is true that there is a super power which drives in our day to day life which theists call as God and other way by rest.
Just think over what is important in life .
Money, Big Bunglows/ villas ,Fancy cars or a bunch of servents .. The answer is BIG NO. OR

A good hungry and a Good sleep of course a good health.
You will find the answer bcoz the first listed items can be bought but the 2 nd one not available for any price.
Be happy that you have got this janmam and live as it comes.
Listen to your inner concisiousness which will direct you in the right path.
Dont worry be happy.
Shri Sundachu,

There is a river (Karamana river) just by the side of our housing colony. This was a large coconut plantation (?) of about ten acres which was divided into housing plots and sold by the Karamana Grama Samudaayam way back in the 1960's. I started living here in 1972 - rented house by the side of the river. We used to enjoy the bath in the river every morning and myself and my entire family learnt swimming. The water was not potable, but good enough for washing clothes and bathing. In 1980 I went to Mumbai on transfer and returned in 1994. During these 14 years, a bund had been constructed and many houses all along the course of the river right from high up, connected their waste-water and sewerage outlets to drain into the river. Result, no one goes near the river now and if you dip your feet for half an hour in the river you are most likely to get some skin infection!

The above boring account is how this world, even this universe, perhaps, works, imho. The soul or jeevaatma gives what we recognize as "Life" to every living thing, right from the ant to the elephant and Man. On the death of the living being, this soul gets back to where it came from. (A discussion on "where?" can be taken up separately.) But the deeds or Karma which the living entity did during its life, hovers around in a dimension not recognised by our senses ordinarily. It pollutes that entire dimension just as the sewerage from even one house pollutes the river. The total result of all the Karmas of all living beings is a highly contaminated "Karma dimension" and when we are born we suffer the results. Some people have been lucky to be healthy and wealthy but their minds work, again, towards evil and the pollution only increases. All the religions have god/s who has/have the power to pardon all the mistakes and sins; hindu religion is replete with such gods who will save you from the after effects of any sin or evil deed. So all people go on merrily doing whatever suits their liking and pray to god for protection. This gives them a clean conscience the next morning. But the evil results of their karmas do not leave them; even the highest god is powerless to undo the law of karma.

Relevant to my point is this stanza from BG:-

karmaṇyevādhikāraste mā phaleṣu kadācana |
mā karma phalaheturbhūrmāte saṅgo:'stvakarmaṇi || 2.47

If the whole humanity understands that the above stanza implies that the doer of the karma cannot have authority or control over its "phala", and that he has to endure it, come what may, and after realizing this dictum, every one controls his/her actions in such a way that the entire people around are benefitted and not put to grief, the fate of people in general will definitely improve, imo. It may not result in "poetic justice" visible to us but in the larger context of the entire humanity and over period of time. Most prophets and religions probably aimed at teaching the good lesson to Man, but vested interests disfigured each religion to suit their narrow aims. These are some ideas from one who has turned into a non-follower of religion (and agnostic) because I feel religions have failed to give the correct teachings to their followers.

There can be no "poetic justice" under the laws of Karma which will be visible to the human cognition. The only course to bring in "poetic justice" (welfare) is for the entire humanity to tread the righteous path and avoid polluting the Karma dimension with bad karmas. But humanity is probably still in its childhood and does not understand this. Unfortunately even the scriptures have been tampered with, in order to suit vested interests.
Not open for further replies.

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