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EverReady Too Late

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the whole thing is a joke.

in similar accidents in the u.s., the companies went bankrupt paying the hefty fines levied on them, even though the ceo's got scott free.

here, not sure what happened. but none of the victims, i think, got any relief.

justice delayed is justice denied, i heard from somewhere. i agree.
near about 20000 human life and same and more of affected persons, equal to lost life.

verdict - punishment for 7 persons and 1 as company itself. one lakh and 5 lakh eye wash.

chairman of the company in usa living his life peacefully , but india he is a missing person and in wanted list.

now usa feels the case is over and closed chapter.
now usa feels the case is over and closed chapter.

not so fast anatha.

i am not sure if usa & india has extradition treaties. if they do, then we have a good chance to get this guy to india to face charges.

on the other hand, we can charge him in u.s. courts. but who would bell the cat?

not the government. only concerned citizens, willing to fork out the millions needed to hire american lawyers.

i am quite sure that dow chemcals which bought out union carbide would pay for mr anderson's legal bills.

otherwise he would be in the same boat as the bp ceo tony hayward, who has been forced to camp in the u.s. and who will not dare leave america till the bp crisis is fixed one way or the other. and then there may be subpoenas for him to be arrest (!).

but i have one nagging question: if one disgruntled puppy,let us say, for arguement's sake screws up the whole system, is it fair to hold the top dog responsible for it?
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kunjuppu sir
it is true in general sense, that the top of the company personnel should not affected. they are all attached with cases becoz of the moral grounds or so.

but now if you see the case of one canadian power co in kerala. cmp party sec is also having trouble beeing the minister of power at that time. at the same time the co called esency lawlin now beeing given the questionair by cbi to get reply from the co. more over canadian govt also make it sure that things beeing done genuinely.

it is very difficult to get into a bylateral treaty for the extradiction.
now we got the permission only to question hedly, that too becoz of the terror case
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...but i have one nagging question: if one disgruntled puppy,let us say, for arguement's sake screws up the whole system, is it fair to hold the top dog responsible for it?

That must be one giant puppy, accounting for 97% of screw ups of the entire industry. Look at this.

Democracy Now had couple of segments today that included the long history BP's gross negligence and willful violations. It is reported that BP played a crucial role in the Exxon-Valdez spill of 11 million gallons also. According to some estimates this leak in the Gulf spews out 11 million gallons every couple days.

No, BP top executives can't blame this on underlings. They have a long record of abuses for which only the top management must answer for. Criminal charges must be filed and if convicted must be made to serve long prison terms, Madoff style.

hi folks,
the gas tragedy/gas leak are mainly due to corporate greedy...
no value for humans....neither moral ethics....nor accountability
or liability to the ppl/or govt....the money is the only concern...
what pity human life in this earth?...it goes on............

Who is responsible for this justice delayed may be denied. Courts? Investigating agencies? Or the State and Central Governments? Sickening to see the blame game in the Electronic Media Jambu:sorry:
Justice Ahamadi says he took a conscious & considered decision while diluting this case to be tried under 304 A of IPC and question why now review petition was filed till date if decision was wrong? Shri Jayaprakash an activist says in fact it was filed in 1996 withe details verifiable with court records and in fact this was dismissed by Justice Ahamadi in early 1997. Now is it Judiciary to be blamed?

Mr Lall of CBI says he did press the point of extradition of Anderson and wrote aletter to CBI Director Mr. Rao who had forwarded it to MEA and was asked not to follow it up. Mr.Rao. doesnot recollect the contents of this letter but sure there was no pressure from MEA. Is the blame on Investigating Agencies?

Now the Government reconstitutes GoM headed by Home Minister.This is aimed at calming public anger Instead GoM membership has angered the activists!

Toxic Watch which obtained internal documents about Dow"s lobbying efforts to avoid clean-up costs from PMO criticized the inclusion of Mr. Chidambaram & Mr. Nath. The document we have obtained reveal how (they) have already expressed their support for Dow Chemical"s proposal to save it from Union Carbides"s liability, which it inherited in 2001 after merger. Governments responsibility to be questioned?

Playing a game of Charade! Jambu:sick:

india and usa has got an extradiction treaty - as i heard in todays tv news but usa wants more evidence on w. anderson. after these many years can we able give this ?
then they may consider to hand over him to india.

one more funny thing is that mr w anderson left india after the 5th daY this incident. on A special flight with the help of then madhya pradesh cm.

a cabinet sub committee is formed under home minister to study on this to appeal in high court to get more compensation
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India is a US vassal, it won't do anything that will upset its US masters. Please see this.
US to give 'fair consideration' to Indian request for Anderson extradition

Washington, June 12
The US has said it would give "fair consideration" to any request for the extradition of Warren Anderson, Union Carbide CEO at the time of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, and "carefully evaluate" any call to bring him to justice.
pl go to the above link to know more
If the Bhopal tragedy had happened in the US? (Comment)

It Is Rarely
It is rarely, if at all, remembered that the Dec 2-3, 1984, Bhopal industrial disaster had capped off five weeks of what was probably the bloodiest time in independent India's history until then. In a macabre sort of way, the Bhopal disaster seemed to provide perfect denouement to the series of dystopian events that preceded it during the Orwellian year.
pl go to link for the history
us stand on bp crisis- we have to learn

US gives BP 48 hours to boost oil containment

Washington, June 13
The United States Saturday increased pressure on energy giant BP Plc, giving it 48 hours to boost capacity to contain the gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, as government scientists said the spill could be twice as bad as previously estimated.

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Criticism of BP - not anti-British...obama

Criticism of BP not anti-British, Obama tells Cameron

Washington/London, June 13
US President Barack Obama Saturday told British premier David Cameron that his frustration with BP Plc over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico had "nothing to do with national identity", and that he had no interest in undermining BP's value, the British government said.
I see lot of logic in S.Rajagopan Singapore in his letter to editor The Hindu datede14 June 2010 He was provoked to write his letter by the typicl hypocrisy surfaced after Bhopal Gas case verdict. The point raised If the boss of every company is to be arrested after an accident,why not arrest the union minster after terror attack? The thing to do is see that best of relief delivered quickly to victims and to rehabilitate them It is pertinent to examine the role many NGOs and activist in this respect. Jambu:clap2:
Extradite Anderson, Bhopal gas victims urge Obama (Lead)Bhopal, June 14Survivors of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, the world's worst industrial disaster, and human rights activists Monday appealed to US President Barack Obama to initiate moves to extradite former Union Carbide Corp CEO Warren Anderson to India to stand trial.http://www.prokerala.com/news/articles/a143643.htmlnow we want w anderson here for the legal actions in court. just see above link
Bhopal gas victims activists approach Obama for 'justice'Bhopal, June 14Survivors of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, the world's worst industrial disaster, and human rights activists Monday appealed to US President Barack Obama for "real justice" in the case and drew his attention to his tough stand on "corporate accountability" over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. http://www.prokerala.com/news/articles/a143637.htmlwe got our eyes open now when we see. how mr obama takes on BP
We should have known this, before union carbide tragedyPl go to the link to more: how usa dictates bpObama vows to make BP pay for oil spillWashington, June 16US President Barack Obama has vowed to make oil giant BP to pay all clean-up costs and damages from what he called "the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced."Expressing the hope that 90 percent of the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico will be captured within weeks, Obama used his first Oval Office address to the nation Tuesday to call for a new energy policy to end US dependence on fossil fuel.Obama vows to make BP pay for oil spill
We have to think, weather we have done proper crisis management and relief to U C victims –the worst industrial disaster in india ever seen-25000 human lives lost their life.Just see what us doing ……US will use everything to stop oil epidemic: Obama.Washington, June 16President Barack Obama said Tuesday the US government would do everything needed to revive the Gulf Coast from the worst oil disaster in US history.US will use everything to stop oil epidemic: Obama
No official records of Anderson Visit:GoM. The Govt. claims it is dependent on "contemporary media reports" for its knowledge of of that controversial visit. Typical வெளக்கெண்ணலே வாழப்பழம் Stuff. But could not deny he got a bail because of court records All other information the Govt has is by Media report only. like safe passage, involvement of Rajiv Gandhi etc because no record for them.

Compare this with Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer article which also appears in The Hindu dated 25 June The writing is clear precise and almost hits the nail on the head under the caption Crime, No punishment He writes It was not too big for Indian courts to handle. But, shamefully a Chief Justice of India and a great lawyer gave the opinion that the Indian judicature would take several life-time to try such mega crime and that it had better be tried in U.S.Courts. He concludes The Union of India has much to answer for this slaughter . Fiat justitia ruat caelum. The law must have conscience

Both the articles are in The Hindu dated 25 June Jambu:flame:
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