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Ethiopa's Shiva Lingas Assamese-Ethiopian Connections

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Ethiopa's Shiva Lingas Assamese-Ethiopian Connections There are the vast numbers of granite monoliths scattered over hills and valleys in Gamu Gofa and Sidamo in Ethiopia’s southern highlands. They vary in height from a few feet to as much as 20 feet above ground, and though their meaning is lost on today’s people, the procreative power they exude as they thrust out of the earth is inescapable.
Ethiopian Shiva Linga​
The normally cautious ethnographer, G.W.B. Huntingford, when discussing possible sources of these ‘phalli’, pointed out that:- “…it has long been recognised that Indonesian influence has been at work from quite early times on the eastern coast of Africa and in South Arabia. Moreover, parallels between hagioliths in Abyssinia and Assam, suggest something more than coincidence, and Neuville has in fact suggested that the Abyssinian hagioliths might be due to influence from South-east Asia which made itself felt, at an unspecified time (but before the establishment of the Kingdom of Aksum) … Such an origin is not impossible…. In Madagascar are found stone tombs, together with monoliths surmounted by ox-horns and squared wooden posts surmounted by human figures of wood. That Madagascar was colonised by Indonesians is an accepted fact. It is not therefore by any means impossible for Indonesian influence to have reached Abyssinia by way of Arabia, since Aden was probably an established Indonesian port of call.” Huntingford’s grounds for looking to Southeast Asia as the womb that nurtured the monolithic cultures fits well with Kent’s contention that the Anteimoro (-temur) astrologers and scribes in Madagascar dwelt for a long period in Ethiopia. There is a distinct thread of evidence running down the ancient Zanj coast linking the phallic menhirs of Ethiopia to areas as far south as Kilwa. It takes the form of square or rectangular Islamic tombs with tall pillars rising from them, many of which, like some of the minarets of the oldest mosques, are plainly ‘phallic’, reflecting a fusion of latter-day Islam with pre-Islamic (Zanj?) culture.

The Ethiopian Herald (Addis Ababa) 8 April 2007
Some 16 phallic stones have been uncovered in Gedeb Woreda, Gedo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples State, the Zonal Trade and Industry Department said. The discovery of the stelae adds to attractions in the area for tourists to come and marvel at, especially in connection with the Ethiopian Millennium celebrations, it said. Head of Tourism, Parks and hotels desk Elias Megara said the newly uncovered phallic stones bring the number of stelae in the zone to 2,000.
Among these are stelae groups of Tutete and Tule Bela, which are being studied by French archeologists, he said. According to him, efforts are exerted to repair roads to tourist sites.
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