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Enough haggling with Autowallahs, Dial AyAuto!

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Enough haggling with Autowallahs, Dial AyAuto! - Yahoo! Campus

Pune-based venture AyAuto is a respite for those who depend heavily on public transport.
To simplify commuting by auto-rickshaws, Pune-based venture AyAuto is a respite for those who depend heavily on public transport. Vikas Menon from Cochin, Gopi Aravind from Hyderabad and Shreyash Parekh from Pune founded AyAuto Radio Rickshwas. Swati Maheshwari catches up with its co-founder, Vikas Menon and finds out more, exclusively for YourStory.in“AyAuto is all about making commuting easy, for the commuter as well as the driver. There are many who depend on public transport for moving around in the city and face various problems such as availability at odd hours, paying higher than the meter reading, etc. AyAuto essentially takes care of all those problem areas. One call from the commuter, and we provide them with an AyAuto. Our autos charge only by the meter and are tracked by a GPRS tracking device. AyAuto also empowers auto-rickshaw drivers by exposing them to technology, marketing and a stable source of revenue.”
Thank you for Prasadji for starting this thread. In this I am with you and maybe differ from some others. To me it is a matter of principle. Once the standard rates/tariffs have been set by the govt, everybody should abide by them. Why should the auto-wallahs try to extort more? After all the passenger normally doesn't try to pay less.

Of course if the rates are not covering costs the govt should raise the rates. What is so complex about that? Of course this haggling problem is not particular to India. Just try getting a handyman or plumber in the US.
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