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एकश्लॊकी ekaślokī

किं ज्योतिस्तव भानुमान् अहनि मे रात्रौ प्रदीपात्मकं
स्यादेवं रवि दीपदर्शनविधौ किं ज्योतिराख्याहि मे ।
चक्षुस्तस्य निमीलनादि समये किं धीर्धियो दर्शनॆ
किं तत्राहं अतो भवान् परमकं ज्योतिस्तदस्मि प्रभो ॥

kiṃ jyotistava bhānumān ahani me rātrau pradīpātmakaṃ
syādevaṃ ravi dīpadarśanavidhau kiṃ jyotirākhyāhi me |
cakṣustasya nimīlanādi samaye kiṃ dhīrdhiyo darśane
kiṃ tatrāhaṃ ato bhavān paramakaṃ jyotistadasmi prabho ||

கிம் ஜ்யோதிஸ்தவ பாநுமான் அஹநி மே ராத்ரௌ ப்ரதீபாத்மகம்
ஸ்யாதேவம் ரவி தீபதர்சநவிதௌ கிம் ஜ்யோதிராக்யாஹி மே |
சக்ஷுஸ்தஸ்ய நிமீலநாதி ஸமயே கிம் தீர்தியோ தர்சநெ
கிம் தத்ராஹம் அதோ பவான் பரமகம் ஜ்யோதிஸ்ததஸ்மி ப்ரபோ ||

किं ज्योति स्तव भा नुमान् अ हनि मे रात्रौ प्र दीपात्म कं
स्यादेवं रवि दीपदर्शनविधौ किं ज्योतिराख्याहि मे ।
चक्षुस्तस्य निमीलनादि समये किं धीर्धियो दर्शनॆ
किं तत्राहं अतो भवान् परमकं ज्योतिस्तदस्मि प्रभो ॥

This śloka is set to "śārddūlavikrīḍitaṃ" metre which falls under "atidhṛti chandas". Its authorship is, as usual, attributed to ādiśankara himself and moreover to an anecdote from his life.

The legend is that a gṛhasta approached the ācārya and complained that he, the gṛhasta, could not understand or experience the "ātmasvarūpa", try as he might. The conversation which ensued between the ācārya and the gṛhasta, is reportedly abridged in this śloka.

ācārya - kiṃ jyotistava? (What is the light [which makes you see]?)
gṛhasta - bhānumān ahani me (The sun gives light for me during the day.)
ācārya - rātrau? (What about night?)
gṛhasta - pradīpātmakaṃ (The light or something like that.)
ācārya - syādevaṃ, ravi dīpadarśanavidhau kiṃ jyotirākhyāhi me? (So be it, tell me with what do you see the sun, light, etc.?)
gṛhasta - cakṣuḥ (Eyes)
ācārya - tasya nimīlanādi samaye kiṃ? (When the eyes are closed with what [do you see]?)
gṛhasta - dhīḥ (Intellect)
ācārya - dhiyo darśane kiṃ (With what do you see [recognize] your intellect?
gṛhasta - tatrāhaṃ (I am there.)
ācārya - ato bhavān paramakaṃ jyotiḥ (So, you are the most excellent [source of] light.)
gṛhasta - tadasmi prabho (Prabho! I am THAT.)
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