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Effect of Moon's Rays on earth

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The electromagnetic force, the moon send is directly pulled by the North Pole and sent to the South Pole. When travelling to South Pole it travels at the height of 5 km above the earth which is in identified as a screen, that reduces the force of the other planets on earth, and producing a shadow, which are identified as Nakshtras. These rays from the moon, partially protects the rays from Venus. So on New moon days, the action of Venus is move, than that of normal days.
The Venus is responsible for wind, Jupiter is for Rain, mercury in the one which links Venus & Jupiter as a chain, Saturn rays contains Hydrogen or Rain drops, cold. Which is carried by the rays of Mars, The rays from the moon which cuts down the heat of the sun, cools down the earth.
Except rays from the moon, the rays of Sun, Mars & Jupiter are carried by the waves of Venus and Saturn, Mercury was indentified in 5th century, A.D. which mixes a unites all the rays and reaching south pole.
Information regarding the chemistry of atmospheric air has been developed in several technical fields. This is not new. Even in Vedic period itself it was followed in the form of yagas and yagnas, where fire was lit and herbal such were thrown in the fire pit so that the worshipper gets the electro magnetic force.
Much of the lack of the organized information on atmospheric chemistry., There were belief that when earth was formed it had H2, HC CO2 CH4 and H2o.
The planets, such as sun, moon Saturn, venues, Jupiter, mercury, mars and positioned in such a way that the rays, the magnetic force was continuous of attack in earth.
There is a strong belief among scientists that the moon was separated from earth some millions of years before and that too from the South Pole direction. (Please refer veda in this)
Since moon was separated from South pole, South Pole got its absorbing power, which pulled the electromagnetic forces from the above seven planets, and these rays were pulled by the North Pole as it contained volume of iron.
The South pole is identified as Rahu, and North pole as Kethu, and the figure of this Ragu is headless, (only body) and Kethu the North pole in identified as bodiless with human head, and serpant Body.
When then electro magnetic force from the moon, which is pulled by the North pole and thrown towards south pole, which same times reduces the fall of the other magnetic forces from Sun and other planets, shadow of which is identified as Nakshtras. The entire universe is calculated at 360 o c aid divided by 12 Rasis and each Rasi has 21/2 parts Nakshtras. (co) 2 Nakshatra and followed by other half.
This is the Astronomy of the universe.
When the rays from Sun mercury, venues, Saturn, Jupiter and mars were positioned in different angle of the earth on each day. Month, year, the ray direction of the pulling power changed due to which the change in the earth took place.
Moon also pulls the electromagnetic force from other planets but it is throwing that away to the North Pole of the earth, so that the distance between moon and the Earth is maintained. When the rays from the other planets and from the moon reaches south pole and when the rays from the south pole is being cut down or penetrated by the rays from the North pole, air pockets are developed in the sky, which sets the monsoon.
When the North Pole attracts the is on mole cule from (the magnetic force) light rays, the hyf\drogen is also pulled and settled in these air packets, when these hydrogen molecule thickens(dense) form as typhoons. These air packets are formed sta kms solve from the earth, where there is no center of gravity but the activity of vibration is gathered by the Bindu (center of the air pocketed a bunch to Hydrogenous) and it moves towards North according to the pull and push power of the electro magnetic force from other planets. When this air packet reaches the earth’s gravity force. It breaks and all in sudden flows like a broke down with full of water and the air (the chain) which was binding the Hydrogen farms as a cyclone and hits the ground.
All the rays from all the Six Planets never reaches the south pole. Some rays reaches and when it is thrown out the incoming rays also diverted in to the biE
During dhakshina Agana the rays of Saturu is powerful and pushes the rays of the sun without touching the south pole and thrown in the orbit. So, the heat is more during summer. During mid Jan. (i.e.) Thain in Tamil. The rays from other plants gets less power and rays from sun is short it is mentioned in Panchaya is the ruler, which reaches the south pole and since the heat is being Subsided, winter rules the rays from the Saturn are thrown away of packed back by other planets such as sun, the ruler moon, mars, mercury and Jupiter and pushes away the rays from mercury and Saturn so it is cooled.
When in summer the rays from the sun is being pushed away by the rays of mars above south pole at 2 kms from the surface, so the rays of the sun never touches the south pole base, and hence the heat in felt during these summer period from April to June/July all the planets are with equal force and sometime pushes heat the arm of them electro magnetic force is 6 km arm, and the south pole thrown this to the east and since the earth rotates is anticlocl wise direct the two kms from the south pole the rays of the sun and moons when reaches India the sun force heat is felt.
But since the air is up to 6km the mountain like Ooty and Kodaikanal never feels that heats and cold only. Since lot of mountains are there in North west when the heat wave is thrown lot of hurdles in between like mountain lakes etc., when it reach Europe it is cold only. Moreover the iron particles, which are heat generation are also taken by the North pole, the heat is less felt in Russia, China, Europe and North America, Since there is no mountain in between from U.A.E. middle east Arabia, the Summer is very hot and in winter it is cold.
Because of this environmental circumstance, we are getting certain fruits only in season like mango in summer. Since the sun, moon and Jupiter are identified as 40-42 0 c mole planets it is very hot 25-30 0c moon venus and south pole indentified as female very cold 32-40 0c mercury, Saturn and North pole (She male – cold hot)

Based on this in each angle one particular rays very strong. South Pole throws the rays collectively towards east, which is being pulled by North Pole and the height of the rays are 7 K.M above the earth. The sun’s rays being hot and with weight, is being pulled by the earth, the rays of the Sun which has iron, when the electromagnetic force travels with high speed towards North Pole
With 7 km radius, the sun’s rays pulled down, within 2-3 km above the earth, which are being stopped by mountains, and when the rays travels further it cools down, So when there is Summer in Tamil Nadu, there is Rain season in Kerala and Karnataka and then in June/July in Maharashtra. The A.P. is below sea level, Orissa & Bangladesh are above sea level, so these Orissa & Bangladesh gets more rains.
When the rays travel to North pole, the earth rotates anti clock wise, the electromagnetic force settled down like a dew drop on earth, which carries no strength like iron, etc., the Skin of Europeans and Americans are thin, and without much of hair as that of South Indians.
The five principal nitrogen-containing gases in the atmosphere are nitrogen (N2), ammonia (NH3), nitrous oxide (N2O), nitric oxide (NO), and nitrogen dioxide (No2). Other oxides,such as NO3, N2O3, N2O4, and N2O5, may be important as reaction intermediates; however, their formation is not favoured at the low partial pressures generally observed for the simple oxides (see probles at end of chapter), Nitrogen is found in the condensed phase as ammonium ion (NH4+) and nitrate ion (NO3-). Significant concentrations of organic nitrates have also been observed in urban atmospheres. (SAMUEL S. BUTCHER ROBERT J. CHARLSON ACADEMIC PRESS NEW YORK 1972 page No.115)
Nitrogen gas (N2) has a large bond energy and is generally inert with respect to ordinary troposphere processes. Although some bacteria are capable of producing nitrogen compounds from nitrogen, the fraction of the total global nitrogen pool involved in such reactions in a given year is very small. Ammonia is widely distributed in the atmosphere both as NH3 in the gas phase and as NH4+ in aerosols, clouds, and rainwater. The oceans contain organisms capable of producing ammonia from nitrates and may terial deamination of protein and by fixation of oxides of nitrogen in the soil. Ammonia gas is a weak base and therefore irts solubility in rainwater as well as its release from soils or ground water are sensitive functions of pH.
Nitrous oxide is a comparatively inert compound with respect to tropospheric chemical process and is distributed uniformly throughout the trosphere. Many soils contained bacteria capable of producing N2O from either NH4+ or NO3-. LaHue et al. (1970) observed conbcentrations at a number of sites in Panama closely grouped around 0.26 ppm; no statistically significant seasonal trends were observed.Schutz et al.(1970) examined the seasonal dependence at a continentalsite and found bthat the nitrous oxide concentrationwas remarkably independent of wind direction. Their data also suggested that the mixing ratio was independent of height in the troposphere.
The nitrous oxide cycle appears to have an interface with the cycles of other nitrogen compounds at the surface of the earth, where most of it is produced and decomposed, and near the tropopause, which acts as a sink. At higher altitudes, the ultraviolet light intensity increases and at wavelengths shorter than340 nm, nitrous oxide is photolyzed to form N2 and O, or NO and N, depending on the energy of the photon absorbed. An average concentration of 0.25ppm for N2O yields 2000 Tg for the amount of N2Oin the atmosphere. ( Ibid-116)
Three of the more important reactions in daylight conditions linking NO2, NO, and o3 at the concentration generally observed in the atmosphere are
NO2--- NO + O @ka = 0-25 hr-1 I
O + O2 + M – O3 + M KA = 8.9 X 10-4 PPM-2 HR-1 II
O2 + NO --- NO2 +O2 K1 = 1320 PPM-1 HR-1 III
The rate constants are given for 25 C and assume that the total pressure is 1 atm. The value of @ka will depend on the amount of sunlight present; they are felt to be important in establishing a relationship between the concentrations of O3, NO, NO2 in sunlight present. They are felt to be important in establishing a relationship between the concentrations of O3, NO, and NO2 in sunlight. (Ibid 117)
Anthropogenic nitrogen oxides enter the atmosphere mostly as nitric oxide; however, the conversion of NO to NO2 takes place within a few hours in urban environments. An estimated 48 Tg/yr of NO and No2 (computed as NO2) are released to the atmosphere by man’s activities
Both NO and NO2 are also produced by bacterial reduction of nitrates. Because it is readily oxidized to NO2, NO rarely reaches levels which are toxic to man. Highly toxic concentrations of NO2 (of the order of several hundred ppm) have been encountered in freshly filled silos with poor ventilation/
Number of symptoms of photochemical smog has been attributed, in part, to the presence of ozone. In addition to its appearance as a secondary product of photochemical smog, ozone is formed naturally in the stratosphere by a series of photochemical reactions. The initiating step in the natural production of O3 is the photolysis of O2, producing oxygen ( I bid 121) atoms. These atoms react with O2, forming O3 (I bid 122)

sodium hydroxides, settled down on the skin and penchrates in the nerves, resulting in bi* dissolves and people gets Hb and iron deficiency, and the food they take with roasted oils works as a puller & parker towards the blood and the grease is never dissolved and floats in the blood, and taking away the heating elements of the oxygen, and form as cancer. To dissolve this grease, the European, consume alcohol. But it never works what they thick is correct but the application is wrong. When the air in thick in Europe woven closely with Nitrogen + Hydrogen + Carbon, which form a chain of Na OH + Co2↑

When Periplus of the Eritherian sea visited North India in B.C. 2-1-, he found some people slept on malaputra and Talapatra, and they were relieved from the pain. The merchants used to rush there to pick them up and sold in Egypt. These Malaputra & Talapatra is none other than tobacco. Instead of applying this in the body only for few seconds, the people burnt it and in hale the smoke as cigars. The excess of Nicotine formed in their lungs as cancer, The Europeans, taught themselves without discussions, wished to patent their findings and wish to earn money and fame, but whereas the Brahmans in South India, discussed everything and noted down the side effects which they applied to human health. They never cared for fame or money and patents.
The air chemistry or the atmosphere holds major key in body health. The Vedas talks about them, and enrich us. But in AD 1 to 1000 the people started to think that it is a magic Box, that will give them money, power, ruling capacity etc., and 6th & 7th century A.D., the religion formed. And religious heads were elected, who created a fear among General Public also believed in God, demon, Hell, paradise etc., People believed everything and bound themselves in a religion net. when the religion net formed, when it grew, everyone with money power and men power started their own group and the difference of opinion, envoy, etc., broke the unity of men and each religious head formed that their heads alone can take the people near to God and safe land there in heaven after death, Due to which wars were fought, and every one applied the 3rd degree for their royal living and posh palaces were constructed., The kings were supported by the religion heads, in farm the kings gave permission to collect taxes from the people and the rule the people. The Gram(village) Panchayats were formed and taxes collected, money was lent to business men and traders who merchandised, constructed ships to earn money when the money was earned, a huge amount as interest was collected from the traders, then sales tax, Inport duties, export duties, excise duties were collected. When the Religion head was growing with money power, they decorated their temples with gold, silver & diamonds.
When the Mohamadians visited India in 7th century they found that, India was the richest one. So they penetrated as trades, spied about the treasure, etc., from sixth century. There were fight army Pallavas, Kalingas etc, and foreign traders earned through wars. This continued till 13th century, when Malikapoor invaded south India as an invitation from the Pandean brothers. From 13th, 14th, &15th centuries, there were great fights army Muhamadian and locals in South India, and in 16th century Portuguesa joined. In 17th century, English came as traders.
Before the commencements of wars, the Brahamans discussed about the Nature, Natural chemistry air chemistry and astronomy. Some of the scholars who found that the universe in the same in the human body, they started practicing Astrology, and few who wanted to earn money, diverted the attention of kings, saying that if he do the yagas and yagnas he will win.
When the Vedic approach was misguided for earning money, and protect themselves from the enemies, the purposes of Vedas were fully forgotten.
The Brahman wanted mantras, and the people believed that it will bring money health etc., through black magic. The pity is that people thought that the mantras will kill their enemies and spent huge amount on the Black magic.
The main purpose of Veda is to identify the correct herbals, extract the air from the herbal, burn it, change the air contents in a particular place, let the vibration in the body, where the electromagnetic force penetrates through the skin and hair follicles and cure the diseases and give strong body and steady mind which the Agathiyar did in B.C. 7,000 in Lemuria which was near south pole.
On various occasions, Tsunamis came and swallowed the Lemuria, and in B.C. 500 the present structure of India was formed. Even after that there were sea eruption which swallowed Poompukar, Mahabalipuram and east coast.
The west coast of Kerala, where sea went away might have happened during Zarathustra period, who might have visited in B.C. 7000.
View attachment the holy darkess.pdf

Please find herewith an attached text about the science on Tanjore temple
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