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Eager To Meet Sir(Englishmen high Award) Cho

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Welcome V.Mahdevan,

The ability to make a person laugh,is one of the greatest awards by itself.In this genre,Cho sir is,excellance par comparable.Buying Tuglak magazine,is one of ,the best form of meeting him,imo.He was living near Alwarpet,try corresponding with his secretary.Good Luck.

nachi naga.
certainly, cho's "enge Brahmanan" makes the entire community feel proud of. Monday to Thursday, it has become a routine for me sit infront the TV at 8 p.m. for this. i will either postpone all my engagements or even cancel them for this. He needs this Honour, Mr. Mahaadevan.
i grew up during cho's heydays in the 60s and early 70s.

his drama troupe, viveka fine arts, had groundbreaking plays, tinged with comedy, but often dealt with issues, primarily of concern to middle class brahmins.

cho reached the peak of his drama career with mohammed bin tughlak. it was a parody, based on tughlak and the then state of affairs under indira gandhi. the dialogues changed daily, to reflect that day's news and concerns.

again, after so many years, when i look back, the audience was mostly urban TBs, and that too, middle and upper class.

i believed in cho and all that he said. so fervently, that i was heartbroken when the congress of indira gandhi & dmk of MK came back to power in 1972, with such thumping majorities. was there no god at all, after all?

kamaraj was defeated. rajaji put to shame. sanjeeva reddi sent out grazing. no word of venkatraman or c.subramaniam.

it took a while, and lots of years at that, to understand cho and cho's audience. cho reflected the frustrations and 'smartness' of the politically and socially marginalized tamil brahmin. his plays were in many ways, a face saving presentation, clothed in wit and humour.

underlying it all, was a pathos, a sense of loss of power and prestige. years later, cho himself would acknowledge openly, at the discredition of the brahmin community from the community of tamils. not, i think, from a viewpoint of lessons learned, but more from a sense of loss of entitlement.

cho never carried weight outside of the TB community. then. and now too, i think.

cho also during early 70s founded tughlaq magazine. i would ofcourse read it off the print. enjoy it too. i suspect the magazine still has its hard core readers, though personally, i have glanced at it a few years ago, and did not feel the urge to peruse.

cho took on comedy roles in tamil movies. manorama was his more accomplished side kick. i still remember his role of ஜாம்பஜார் ஜக்கு with nostalgia - including the famous song வா வாத்தியாரே ஊட்டாண்டே ... :)

cho proclaimed that he would be a perennial opposition to the ruling cliques then. there was a novelty in it, but i suspect that cho, as he grew older lost his perspectives of moderation and sense of fairness.

i think cho never had the feel for the underdog and the poor. he opposed the mid day meals scheme, which in retrospect, started by kamaraj, nurtured by MGR & MK, has done more than anything else to eradicate infant malnutrition in tamil nadu, and encourage school attendance. to his credit, cho admitted years later, that he was mistaken in opposing this very important social welfare scheme.

as he aged, cho moved rightwards. perhaps he reflected the community to which he proudly belonged. he found strange cohorts in RSS & VHP. he was appointed an MP for BJP, which was fairly quiet and unillustrious. i would have expected more fireworks from him in new delhi.

cho'ism is identifed with cho. he has no successors or legacies to leave behind. when cho goes, so too, i suspect will go the magazine tughlaq, and along with it, a chapter of TB participation in tamil society.

has cho brought any benefit to the TB community? i would say not. he has antagonized every ruling clique, and by strongly identifying himself with his community, he has carried them to one deprivation after the other. all in the name of attacking corruption or ineptness. cho got a few laughs each time he opened his mouth, but he never understood, that the last laugh belongs to those in power. cho's behaviour and its reflection on TB, is not unlike, i think, of one cutting one's nose, to spite one's face.

cho also never spoke against casteism. he let the dravidian parties monopolize this issue. in the 60s and 70s cho had a young crowd of followers. he could have fired some zeal of idealism and reformation from his unique podium. alas, he let is slip. the saddest words in the english language, i am told, are 'what could have been'. with cho, i would call it, his epitaph.

finally, can we call cho, sir cho? why not? knighthood has been the ultimate goal of many a scoundrel, vagabond, crook or a politician. by giving cho knighthood, sir cho, would only enhance the dignity of this jaded title.

after all, cho essentially, is still an honest and straightforward guy, inspite of all his limitations. even his most fervent critics would agree to that. :)

thank you.

ps.. hopefully, with the fading of cho and swami, the tamil brahmin community will have a chance to regain some foothold and participation in the mainstream of tamil life and politics. new leaders are coming up, and not necessarily with the age old antagonisms & distrust of the brahmins. without cho or swami, to damage their cause, perhaps the TAMIL in the tamil brahmins, can once again mean something.
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Does anyone know where I can download the theme song of the serial. Its very nice but when I watch it online the song is removed. Thanks in advance
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