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Dear Mr Ramacchandran

Many many thanks for providing this site which would be of immense benefit to all the forum members.

Dr. Jayabarthi is a prolific writer and a keen analyst. Renukaji may know more about him (other than what is known from his writings) as he tto is a malaysian and connected to medical profession.
dear ramachandran sir !
thanks for refering this site.i read the writting about our maha periava and carried away about the many achievement done silently. thanks to sri.DR.Jayabharathi for his good writting
This is also from Dr. jayabharathi's writing.

This is about about a pandya king who wanted to donate gold and ornaments equivalent to the weight of the king sitting on the royal elephant. How big the weighing balance will be with cross arm, fulcrum and baskets to support the elephant?

The king built a square raft and made it float on cauvery river. The king on the elephant stood on it, and the water level was marked. He then got down, the raft was filled with ornaments till it sank to the same level. Sound hydraulics principle.
To my knowledge, whenever the kingdom needed money it collected taxes, but if the kingdom wanted extra money for wars, it collected in the form of donations. Like the one mentioned by Mr. Sarang. The Religion fund was diverted to construct dams, etc.
In a book written some 150 years ago, mentions that the prohits who collected money for performing yagas donated the money to construct the riverbed, which was overflowing during winter. On those days Brahmins never use to keep a piece of gold at their house. I will tell you name of the book soon. It was written by a christian missionary I hope
Not open for further replies.

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