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doubts and clarification

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Dear all,

We all have Raghukalam timings everyday in the calender normally Hindus refrain from doing any auspicious things during this period. but if we look from a broader angle there are people who start doing in this timings and succeed in their endeavour in any corner of India or in any corner of the world. The people may not be Hindu they may be some other religion. What is the logic behind this if it is not auspicious to us we do not start any new things but the same time is considered as auspicious for any other people and they succeed. This is viceversa also Hindus start the work which may be inauspicious for other people/religion. Is this only the sentiment or anyother real meaning is their behind these thinkings, can anybody explain??
Dear Gopalan Kannan
I think it is only taking into account the grihas that such kalams was decided. You can also see that in most of english weeklies/dailies rasi balan is given for a particular month (example capricon from (Jan 14 to Feb 13 like that). But in our case we have 27 stars and in separate rasi. In nut shell everything is for our mental satisfaction/peace which gives us courage to move further and even if anything negative happens we still console ourself saying that had I not started after looking good time the result would have been worser. Thank god. Thanks for a good topic with cheers
Dear Gopalan Kannan,

I wish to cite only strange and funny experience I had. When I was in Erode, some of the known Muslim friends waited for 'Amavasya' to start some of their new ventures. I jocularly asked them, "Amavasaikkum, Abdul Khaderukkum, enna sambandham?" They simply smiled and kept quiet (probably they anticipated such a question; hence, did not get irritated).

Similarly, I know some Christians who do not perform any auspicious things in 'Aadi' masam.
doubtsand clarifications

Dear swamy sir,

I am Hindu and Tamil Brahmin only what i mean to say as viceversa means----- the time what we may be starting a work which is auspicious for us (Hindus) but may be inauspicious for other religion . But still the in the same time it is auspicious for one religion and inauspicious for other religion. Hope i have clarified your doubt.
These all depend on one's perceptions. It all boils down to risk aversion. The more at stake the more beliefs. A film produce,s stake may be many crores. Hence his belief may be more varied and strange than a schoolboy appearing only a class test, though both will have fear about outcome.High stake and lack of certainty lead to one's beliefs in choosing time.talisman, numerals etc.etc.

But if one knows that so and so time or place or number is definitely considered inauspicious by another community or religion, he may not deliberately venture into that. Unknowingly may be. But newer talismans and luck symbols, recitals etc are coming everyday.These can be seen in sportsgrounds, Music performers etc.

I think, modern and orthodox are almost similar in these matters.

Professed non-believers also are prone to this but they explain it conveniently with gimmicks of words.
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Having studied Vedic Astrology for almost 50 years, let me say this. Sri Swaminathasharma Ji is correct - astrology afterall predicts our karmaphala in this life and so is applicable to all human beings' on earth.

But dividing a day in to different kalams and believing in their application to starting or waiting for those times to come or pass is a totally different thing. These fall in to the category of 'pariharams', and they can be true only if one believes in them. This is why, if one does not belive in these as people who follow other religions do not believe, they do not have any effect.

But if you do believe, then you better follow the edicts. This is almost like praying and it having an effect. Same thing that our idols get strength by our prayers. Hope this makes sense.

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