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Doubt in changing ponel

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I am working in Gulf & I am performing sandhya vanthanam daily at least onetime mostly since from from my upanayanam by using the Liffco publications book( Smartha santhiyavantaham).
My doubt is, it's not clearly mention regarding what kind of manthras andrituals have to perform for changing the 'ponel' apart from avani avatam. WhatI am doing now is reading the mantras from 'yongopavith tharam' part andchanging the ' ponel' .
I'll be happy if someone would guide me. Thanks.

Whatever given in the book is just enough to change Poonal. It is just done in 5/10 minutes. Keep 'panchapatra-uddharaNi' with water and new poonal 1, 2 or 3 sets of 3 strands. Do (1) Achamanam (2) Shuklambharatham.. (3) Prananayamnya, (4) Sankalpam, and ... Parabrahma Rushih (touching forehead), Thrushtub chandah (touching nose tip), paramaatma devta (touching the centre pit of chest).....and continue the mantra you have. Repeat only the mantra for the 2nd set and for the 3rd set. Do Achamanam. Then remove the old poonal with the mantra and keep it off to your northside before throwing it.
Adding to the reply above - to be more specific - after Paramatma devatha - Thrayividya devata yajnopaveetha dharaNe viniyogaha - Have the ponool bramha knot on the right palm between your thumb and forefinger, the palm must face the sky and the left hand should be closing the panchapaatra facing earth. Chant this mantra yagnopaveetham pavitram prajapater yat sahajam purasthaat ayushyam agryam pathimuncha subram yagyopavitham balamastu thejaha - Perform aachamanam - and say the following to remove the old ponool. Upaveetham pinnadhantum jeernam kachmala dhooshitham visrujaami jale brumha varcho dheergaayustume. old ponool should be thrown to the north side. Perform Aachamanam.
Hope this is useful.
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