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dosaiyi, ethani dosaiyad !!!

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I'm hungry now and wishing I was in Vile Parle! My favourite would be Pav bhaji dosai because i love pav bhaji. I wonder if they do bhelpuri dosai!

In my house my mother makes normal dosai (my favourite especially the way she makes it crispy and "muru muru"), atta mav and raagi dosai (both of which i hate with passion)and rava dosai (not bad).
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your atta mav dosai, we call karacha maav dosai. basically all purpose flour mixed in water (moi adds a wee bit butter milk for sourness), + jeera.
mummy used to call it maida maa dosai.

it is a quick sub for a dosai, and a mood satisfying one. :) i always like it a little leathery, for the next day, also thoroughly blackened :)

btw what is raagi dosai? new to me????

actually i am not much an adventurer when it comes to dosai. just the traditional one, with occassional masala. usually chutney & sambhar or molagapodi is suffice.

the one occassion i ventured from the straight and narrow path, was to have a morsel of chettinad dosai - plain dosai with oodles of molagapodi

now if you come to adai... my favourite. :) :)

i will take adai any day over dosai - adai with sambhar, thilimbina buttermilk + green chillies + salt, vellam, lemon pickul + sugar.

could not understand the craze in chennai of adai+avial though!

love rava dosai. mrs K makes it good. rava dosai, you should not vaarkufy, but we have to take the watery batter in a tumbler and veesufy; then add oil, and spread with onions and green chillies. and murugfy .... then eatify hahaha
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Oh yeah i totally forgot about adai. When we were small my mum used to give us adai with lotsssss of butter. Then somehow we stopped using butter in my early teens and it was margarine. So we had adai with onion and tomato chutney.

Raagi flour is called kevaru in tamil i believe...like kevaru kanji...kevaru dosai is raagi dosai. Its very good for the health. We even have raagi idiappams in KL.

Here my Sri Lankan landlady makes maida ma dosai and its leathery and thick. Atta maa is healthier as its unrefined than maida. In fact in Malaysia in many Tamil restaurant they make "sapaathi" (as they call it :)) with maida only. Its like our South and Sri Lankan "barota" lol. Its completely different to parathas!
yes adai with freshly churned vennai is yums!!

atta is wheat flour right? yech!! not too fond of wheat flour dosais. sorry amala :(
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