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Do you know What is God's preferred Land?

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If anybody know what is God's preferred Land for Lord Vishnu in planet Earth?

Shree Parashuram,

Bhu Devi is the Shakthi for bhu-lokam.She is nothing but Maha Lakshmi wife of Sriman Narayanan.Thank You!.

Dear parasuraman,for any almighty ones own heart is the preferred land. If one offers himself solly (surrenders self to the almighty)then the lord is bound to him for ever. Hence for him the induviduals heart the prefered land.v.lalithakumar
Great Poet Thirumoolar has already answered this question

உள்ளம் ஒரு பெருங்கோயில்
ஊனுடம்பு ஆலயமாம்
வள்ளல் பிரானார்க்கு
வாய் கோபுரவாசல்
தெள்ள தெளிந்தார்க்கு
ஜீவன் சிவலிங்கம்
கானா மணிவிளக்கே

He says our Heart is the seat of God,
The whole human body is the temple,
If we are charitable, then
our mouth is the main gate
If we have a clear mind, we will realise that
our jeevathma is Lord Shiva
All the five other organs are temple bells.

I earnestly feel that there is no better way of explaining our body. Our heart is the best place for the Almighty God

Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi says our physical heart is in the left side whereas our spiritual heart is in the right side where God Almighty occupies.

எண்ணாயிரம் ஆண்டு யோகம் இருப்பினும் கண்ணார் அமுதனை கண்டறிவாரில்லை உள் நாடி ஒளி பெற உள்ளே நோக்கினார் கண்ணாடி போல கலந்து நின்றானே
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conducting puja is not mearly an act.it involves invoking almighty with manthras though not as vedha but almost like that .for this all the body (ORGANS) are to be tuned.sound waves has its own effect on the organs which may detrimental in long run for ladies. thanks v.lalithakumar
What an odd question!
This leads to ethnocentricity, even to the village level. "My village is better than your village" Here when we started building the temple I go to many wanted it based on their home temple back in India or Sri Lanka. Kind of non-global thinking. God is in the substratum, permeating all form.
Here in my city we have 4 temples, 6 if you count 2 Sai Centers. I have actually heard the following comments.
"Don't go to that place. Its not a real temple. They only speak Hindi."
"Don't go to that place. Its not a real temple. They only speak Tamil."
"This isn't real prasadam."
"There is no vibration here."
"All they want to do is convert you."
"All they want is money, money, money."

Not being able to see the bigger picture is a negative character attribute.

Aum Namasivaya
conducting puja is not mearly an act.it involves invoking almighty with manthras though not as vedha but almost like that .for this all the body (ORGANS) are to be tuned.sound waves has its own effect on the organs which may detrimental in long run for ladies. thanks v.lalithakumar

Could you please explain how sound waves may be deterimental in the long run for ladies?


RV Ji,
proper perception. It is the only truth that can be quoted from
most of our scriptures and others as well.

God's land

Dear sir
As someone suggested here our heart is the most wanted place for God.Vaikundam, parkadal, srirangam, thirupathi are only next to our own heart. As we are not able to instal God in ur heart we seek aids and help and go to temples. It is but necessary and inevitable until one evolves to the higher stage of seein God within. It is possible though very difficult. As long as the body consciousness is thick one has to go to temples.Then slowly withdraw and worship God in one's own house. then again withdraw and worship in ones own heart. after all God is everywhere. anoraneeyan mahatho maheeyan He is inside the atom and outside the macrocosm too.
ullam perungoil goes the saying. Poosalar nayanar sariththiram tells the truth that God is within.
malarmisai eginan for this parimelagar commented that anbargaladhu manamagiya malar. Many interpreted it is brahma or aruga devan etc. Parimelagar did not agree.
hrudaya gugail perumal veetrirukkirar. adhu siridhalave oliyulla idam that is why in Garbhagruham dim light is purposely arranged.
Anyway the traditional vaishnavism talks about 108 divya desams of which two are not here in this bhologam. that is srivaikundam and thirupparkadal.Divyadesams are temples which are sung by the great azhwars just as you have the paadal petra sthalam in shaiva religion.
apart from this 108 you have some abhimana sthalam and puranasthalam also.
I have just written whatever I could comprehend.
correct me if i have gone wrong.
pranams and thank you for the opportunity.
i have not been to vaikundam, parkadal or srirangam.

i have been to kerala, and could empathize with those that call it god's own country.

my own preference is cape town south africa. anyone been there, would agree with me.
Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi has said that physical heart is on left side and spiritual heart is on the right hand side. Spiritual heart is the seat of God.

All the best
Temple of God

The only place where God would love to dwell is Man's heart. (That includes woman's heart also). Our body is the Temple of God. God would not love to dwell in animals and objects and substances which He created for Man to enjoy. Of all the creations of God, Man is unique. Man is special to God because God created Man and only Man in His own image. Man is the only being with whom God loves to commune and to have fellowship. God will not live in temples made of Man's hand. God will not live in temples made by man using bricks, stones and mortar. God will not live in graven images made by man in the likeness of any creature living in water below, living on earth or of anything that flies in the sky. God created the Sun to give light and heat to man. God created the vegetables and fruits for man to eat and enjoy. God created animals and birds for man to tame them and use them for his purpose. God gave wisdom to man to use all other things He created, for man to enjoy life. God created man for Him and the rest of the creatures for man. Man need to worship God, the creator of all and not the created. Man need to Love only God for all that He has created for HIm. Man need to glorify only God and thank God and only God for his creation. Man need not thank the creation and the objects which God created for man. Does not even the Vedas say so?
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தூணிலும் இருப்பார் துரும்பிலும் இருப்பார் என்பது நிஜம்
அல்லவா ?

He dwells in everything is it not true ? What about the story of prahalatha ?

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தூணிலும் இருப்பார் துரும்பிலும் இருப்பார் என்பது நிஜம்
அல்லவா ?
He dwells in everything is it not true ? What about the story of prahalatha ?

Perfectly correct. Late Mukkur Lakshminarasimhachariar in his Upanyasam use to say`If we have the same depth of devotion as Prahlad, He will come right now in front of us. We don't have the confidence which Prahlad had. That is why He is not coming'.

Goddess Abhirami came to the rescue of Abhirami Battar since Battar had absolute faith. This happened just 300 years back.

All the best
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Faith that is where

Dear RV Ji ,
How nice it is that the faith must be there .

The following story shall enlighten how faith works .

A story - Padmapadhar a disciple of Adi Shankaracraya was meditating many years to see God, one day a Hunter comes and asks him, what he is doing in the forest, he thinks that Hunter would not understand mediation and God,etc., so he tells "I am searching for a Person with Lion Head in this forest", the Hunter promises to Fetch it within next day. The Hunter forgets all the food, water, everything and searches it and when he could not find he takes a wild creeper and tries to hang himself , at that point he hears the roar of the Narasimha , finds it , ties it down and drags to Padmapadha, and shows "see he is here ", however Padmapathar can't see it and can't believe that Narashimam which shook the entire universe can be tied by a Hunter, for which Narashimam says "This Hunter had achieved the concentration and yearning in one day, what you would have achieved if you had mediated for One Crore year"

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God's land

Dear sir
God is everywhere. One should never forget this.
God is all powerful
God is all knowing.
God is existence, knowledge and bliss.
These are near definitions of God though God defies ll ddefinitions.
It may not be correct to say that all creatures are created for man to enjoy.
This idea will lead to utter selfishness.
animals have horns etc but man is given paguththarivu to safeguard himself.
that is all.
unless mutuality is there no proper existence is possible. animals will think that man is created for their happiness.
parutha thondhi namadhu enru naam irukka nai narigal pei kazhugu
thammadendru tham irukkumam... pattinaththar.
The manifestiaon of God is different in differnet beings. It is more easily comprehensible in MAN (includes woman) than in other animals or inanimate objects.
According to karma birth is given by God and paguththarvu etc are supplied so that man can evolve.
After a particular period man dies and takes another birth (not necessarily human being. it is decided by his papa punya account and there should be an adhikari to make this happen. That adhikari is God) tries to evolve again. let it take millions of birth? why worry? this will stop when man attains godhead and at that moment the realization comes that he was is and will be God only and all this time ignorance had covered him.
So what is the work ahead of any person. Be good and Do good and earn credit after credit and be prepared to quit. If the sense of value is so sharp and refined one can attain God in this life itself.
What is the test for godhead. it is self understandable or realizable. Until man craves for some kind of experience, he has to come to this world.
nothing to worry or fear? One should be up and doing.
namaste. I am open for corrections.
God is everywhere...There is no special place for him. But, as a post said, " we should not act". I even contradict this. Atleast we have to act. First we will start this pooja for our own sake, then for some pomp, but in later days am sure it will turn you to right path. "saranakamalalayathai arai nimisha neramatil davamurai dhyanam veika ariyada". If you do, recite slokas or do poojas for half an hour, will u spend not a single second with whole heart. Am sure u will, and that's enough. I forget the thirupugazh. But the context is arunagirinathar is scolding his heart that you dont even know to act as a devotee. Start with atleast this level you will sure end up with good thing.

God's land

In thiruvasagam this verse is worth pondering over
Naadagaththal unnadiyar pol nadiththu nan naduve
Veedagaththe pugundhiduvan migapperidhum viraginren
Aadagachcheer manikkundre idaiyara anbunakku en
oodagaththe nindru urugath thandarul em udaiyane!
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