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Do Hindus Believe in ETs and Alien Worlds? YES is the answer. We have plenty of evidence in Tamil and Sanskrit literature to confirm this. We have got evidence of Travel in Time and Dilation of Time in Mahabharata. We have clear description of aliens and Extra Terrestrials (ET) in our scriptures. The Laws of Physics declared by Newton and Einstein fail in their world. Scientists also agree all the laws of physics don’t work inside the black holes. Scientists also agree that in the world of quantum physics even an observer can influence the results of experiments he or she does.

Hindus see time as cyclical. Modern scientists see it as linear. When Arjuna asked Krishna how come he existed at the time of Vivaswan (Chapter 4-5, Bhagavad Gita), Krishna explained to him that soul is eternal. Everyone existed at that time and they will exist in future as well. He also showed him what is going to happen in the war (Vibhuti Yoga, Bhagavad Gita), again travel in time.

The more scientists explain Time and Black holes, better we understand our own scriptures. Till we read about black holes, worm holes and quantum physics ,all the miracles in our scriptures sound mumbo jumbo to us. Hindus believe that they can even influence the events happened in the past. We see it in several stories involving saints. The most famous Tamil Saivite saint Tiru Gnana Sambandhar of seventh century AD did lot of miracles like changing the sex of the Palmyra tree etc. But the most remarkable of all his miracles is bringing back a girl several years after her death. The girl was killed by a snake bite when she was a little girl. When the saint visited that spot the father of the girl cried and told him what happened several years ago. He asked him to bring the pot of funeral ash. Gnana Sambandhar not only brought the girl alive from the pot of ash but also as a teenage girl. She had grown up to twelve. That means they can influence the past. Even in her death her normal growth was maintained. Though she died as a child she came back as a teenager to make the time she lost.
One of the Indian saints has explained beautifully well how the Hindu saints view past, present and future. They see it from the top of a mountain like a river flowing down. They go up (beyond time or above time) and view it as an observer. They interfere in it in extreme cases.

The story of time dilation

Arjuna was taken to Indra Loka by Matali in his special chariot (may be a spaceship). When he asked about the stars he saw in the sky he was told that they are holy spirits. Hindus believe that the seven great saints (Sapta Rishis) are in Ursa Major constellation. They have separate stars for Agastya (Canopus), Tri Shanku (Southern Cross) and Dhruva (Pole Star). The theory of Time dilation is explained in the story of Arjuna’s travel to Indraloka where Arjuna got a magical weapon.
Revati story : The Bhagavatha Purana story of Revati also explains time dilation. When his father went to see Brahma to find a suitable boy for her because she was so tall, Brahma laughed at him. Brahma told him that he had already lost thousands of years because the time scale was different in Brahmaloka and earth. When they came back to earth, the human beings were more shrunk. The story showed that our forefathers understood time dilation.
In Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, time dilation is an actual difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers either moving relative to each other or differently situated from gravitational masses. An accurate clock at rest with respect to one observer may be measured to tick at a different rate when compared to a second observer's own equally accurate clocks. This effect arises neither from technical aspects of the clocks nor from the fact that signals need time to propagate, but from the nature of space time itself. You can indeed travel very near the speed of light for a short time and come back to Earth, where some millions of years have passed. Light travels at the speed of 186 000 miles per second. No one can exceed this limit. With all the modern space science we are nowhere near the speed of light. But if one can travel at the speed of light he will be a Markandeya for ever (Sweet sixteen for ever).

Deva’s three qualities:

Nala and Damayanti story: When Damyanti’s swayamvaram was announced , even the celestials wanted to marry her. Swayam waram is choosing a man independently from among the assembled kings and princes. This was practised by kingly caste in ancient India. But Damayanti was warned to avoid the four celestials and choose her own favourite prince Nala . She was given some clues to identify the celestials. She was told the celestials
Feet Don’t touch earth (floating)
Eyes Don’t Wink
Garlands Never Wither Away (ever fresh);
Other qualities attributed the celestials: No Gender Difference, No aging and their Life Span is very ,very long compared with Human beings .They are always happy; they enjoy Life. The description of the Devas/celestials showed very clearly there are different worlds for humans and super humans alias Devas.

Concept of Time:

Deva’s life span is very different from ours. It may sound strange to us. But if we understand the life span of other living beings on earth then we can understand it better. Look at the following example:
The life span of a fly is just one day, that is 24 hours. Two flies were talking to each other:
Son (fly): Mum who are those tall guys we are sitting upon now?
Mum (fly): Oh! They are human beings. They live 100 years.
Son: What is 100 years, Mum?
Mum: We will die in 24 hours, what they call a day. But they live for hundred years. That means they are going to be here for 365 days X 100 yearsX24 hours.
Son: Mum, I can’t even imagine that number. It is incredible. I see a big creature coming there. What is it Mum?
Mum: Now we are in a Zoo. They are tortoises. They live 350 years. That means 365 days X 350 years X 24 hours.
Son: Mum, it is interesting and unbelievable. So they live very, very long.
Mum: I will show you more. Look at this. This is called sea clam. Clams live up to 450 years in human calculation. Look at that tree. It is called Methuselah. Human beings have calculated its age as 5000 years and it is still alive. It is in California, USA.
Son: Mum, amazing. That means the tree lives 5000 years X 365 daysX100=1825000 000 times of our life span. I don’t want to multiply by 24 hours because the number will be huge. Mum ,are there any creatures who live longer?
(The number 100 in the above is to compare it in a fly’s life span)
Mum: Yes, of course. On the other day I listened to two Hindus talking about Brahma, their God of Creation. His life span according to Hindus is huge. He lives 311 trillion human years.

Son fly: Where is Brahma and his world?

Mum fly: I don’t know. Look above. There are millions of stars. May be he is there. Hindus always say that the Gods and angels are in the seven worlds above them. My darling, stop talking. My life span is almost finished. We will have a good feast before I die. Take care. You will also be here only for few more hours. But the eggs your wife have laid will be hatched soon. So, don’t worry.

Brahma’s Age

The life span of Brahma is 100 Brahma years or 72,000 kalpas or 311.04 trillion human years. At the end of Brahma’s life all the worlds are dissolved. Great deluge follows. Two Kalpas make the day and night of Brahma. A Kalpa is equal to 4.32 billion human years according to our mythology.

Nasadiya Sukta of Rig Veda explains the origin of universe. The universe came in to existence from the “WORD”. In short Hindus believed in Big Bang and Big Shrink. It is like blowing a balloon and letting out the air, blowing it again.
Let us stop for a minute and think. Even if the calculations are exaggerated we must at least agree that they knew different time planes. Human years are very different from divine years. More over like the example of a fly and Methuselah tree we know they can exist at the same time on earth with a huge difference in life span. If we compare ourselves to Brahma’s life span we see such a difference. But if we are in different worlds we may not even realise it.

King of Tele Transportation

Hindu mythology is full of stories about Narada, the greatest Time traveller. He is Triloka Chanchari-one who travels between the three worlds. He can tele transport himself in a fraction of a second. Hindus believe that we can travel faster than light. We call it Mano Veha- speed of the mind. By thinking we can travel billions of light years and if you have enough Yogic power you can physically present yourself there. Einstein will be disappointed to know that we will beat him soon.

So called Aliens and E.T are just beings from different Lokas isnt it?
Time from loka to loka differs and I am sure each being from any loka must have different characteristics to be able to "survive" in different atmospheres.

I guess there must be some portal of entry from one loka to the other.
I dont really feel that beings from other lokas have full access to Bhu Loka as well.

Its like like apartments in different floors where we live among beings of other lokas and both dont have too much free access to each other.

I had read a book about "mystery of death" by Swami Abhedananda where he says that departed beings who are earth bound always try to connect to the world and departed beings have limited knowledge just like anyone of us mortals.
Most people are under the impression that departed beings are all knowing and that is not always true.

Good topic..I am always curious of life and especially death and also about other beings.
Hi Renuka
Departed souls. That is another interesting topic. Swami Abhedananda's book is a reliable source. There was on Madurai Adheenam chief some time ago.He is no more. He did lot of research in this area. His book is the most authoritative on this subject in Tamil. If you get hold of that book ,please read. it Thanks for your quick comments.
Title of Madurai Adheenakarthars book:
இறந்தவர்கள் வாழும் நிலையும் பேசும் முறையும், மதுரை அதீனகர்த்தர்
The key word in the title is 'believe'. This means suspension of reasoning faculty which could be a fun experience.

Since Hinduism does not have anyone or any process to authenticate to be called a Hindu anyone call themselves a Hindu and claim anything.

Hindus are people, and most people have a well developed belief system. Some may believe in ET and some may believe in evil. Some belief systems are harmful to the society especially if they incorrectly cite Vedic scriptures which then grants the ignorant belief system a seeming validity resulting in propagation of harm.

Citing Puranas to justify a belief is more common. However one does not need any citation to develop a belief system.

So it is fun to imagine citation from Puranic stories to science of today
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