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Disturbing !!!

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There is a disturbing piece of news which originated today which is that the UPA Govt (read Home Minister) saying that the 'decision' on Afzal could take years !!!

I mean when will the Indian political system act in a manner to protect the country, it's citizens & it's rights ???? All we hear the Govt do is :blah: ...

Isn't it a matter of great shame that India is one of the countries whose boundaries are still not final ? What's the point in - claiming to be the largest democracy, achievements in technology, GDP growth, nuclear deal etc... when one of the basic aspirations of people from the Govt - Security is compromised with time n again ?

Are there no lessons to be learnt from Kandahar & Maqsood Azhar ???

The Govt can decide in a split second to impose Reservations & commit Rs. 8000 crores on unnecessary expansion of IIMs / IITs (a more productive use of that kind of money would be on Primary Education) but cannot decide on hanging a unrepentant SOB who shook the very root of democracy ?

Shame on UPA !!!!! I think the Indian Democracy has degenerated into - "Off" the people, "Buy" the people & "Far" (from) the people !!!!!

Innum 'Citizen' pada 'Ajith' madhiri sollanumnu - "Yov Home Ministere, yen vavuru yeriudhe !!!!!"
Why did the militancy suddenly escalate in Kashmir after 1989?

Remember Rubaiya Sayeed (the lady now lives in Chennai, far away from Kashmir and away from the media glare), daughter of Mufti Mohammed Sayeed (Chief Minister of J&K till recently), who was recovered after a hostage exchange operation with the militants in 1989 when her father was the Union Home Minister in V.P.Singh's government?

That was the watershed in the history of militancy in Kashmir, and the price of it was paid in Charar-E-Sharif, Hazrath Bal, kidnapping & killing of foreign tourists, IC-804, so on and so forth! The same gentleman, Mr. Sayeed, is now pleading for mercy for Afzal Guru, along with few others who joined his bandwagon. The present Central Government is willing to entertain the plea for votes!!

That, when Afzal Guru's own brother is on camera stating that Afzal Guru maintained contacts with Jaish-E-Mohammad throughout, and facilitated the attack on the Indian Parliament under instructions from the same!

The song now being sung in favour of Afzal Guru, is that he did not have proper legal-aid to defend himself in the courts when the trial was going on. Did not Afzal Guru himself refuse all legal-aid in the trial-court, brazenly admitting that he indeed had facilitated the attack on Parliament? He later retracted from his admission when the trial proceeded.

Arundhathi Roy, who is once again out to get petty glory (earlier the Supreme Court had pulled her up for contempt for her comments on the apex court's judges), says that there is not even a shred of 'non-legal evidence', not to speak of 'legal evidence' against Afzal Guru. What the heck are 'non-legal evidence' and 'legal evidence'? Evidence is evidence, and Supreme Court went into all the evidence that has been presented, acquitted Gilani (who now rubs shoulders with Ms.Roy and her likes) on benefit of doubt (and not because he seemed enitrely outside the pale of guilt), and convicted Afzal Guru. How can the acquittal of Gilani be right and conviction of Afzal Guru be wrong? Both outcomes are of the same judgement. Do Hon'ble Judges look like jack-asses to Ms. Roy? Does getting a Booker (for that matter, even her 'God of Small Things' was ripped apart as a verbose plagiarism of other's works by Parsa Venkateswar Rao Jr., an author, and a well-respected book-reveiwer, and she herself could not produce another book of equal appeal again!) qualifies Ms. Roy to speak ill of the wisdom of the apex court which is perhaps the last bastion against populism?

After all, what are conspiracy and sedition against the State, which by themselves, not to speak of the actual act of attacking Parliament and killing people, are punishable by death under the I.P.C.? They are the knowledge that X.Y & Z are planning an act of terror against the State and knowingly and willingly facilitating the same, irrespective of the actual act itself! Where is the question of 'innocence' in this?

Mrs. Indira Gandhi, despite her other deeds, atleast made sure that Maqbool Bhatt hanged, and Pakisthan got somewhat a bloody nose in Sindh by India overtly supporting and fuelling separatist movement in Sindh. The present government seems to be incapable of doing anything like that.
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