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Disowning emotions

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I would say inability to control one's emotions is the single most important bottleneck towards general amity in the world. Currencies in trillions are spent on the aftermath without understanding this cause. Wars are fought, lives are lost and so many such preventable consequences are seen. Ironically, trillions are also spent to deliberately create such effects in the name of pragmatism, real politik etc. Those who knowingly or unknowingly cause it should understand such frequent tragic results don't augur well for the world. We are already seeing it in the form of international terrorism and we have no clue how that is going to evolve.

Why not simply put some effort to restrain one's emotions? If the majority of the population is past that stage atleast can't the young and impressionable minds be drilled in that? Imagine how peaceful we are going to make their future? I firmly believe a good portion of one's personality is shaped by his environment and that too at an young age. All parents may not be equipped to do this task. As an alternative experts may be used. Personally I have found that making light of an explosive situation, say by a humorous interpretation works very well.

Anyway it is an issue of huge importance, totally neglected in the modern society which sadly is moving in the other direction.
where is maja sir? If you are lookig a filim where all are good (no fight-no heated argument) where is enjoyment. Life is beautiful only when there are ups and downs. Only when our neighbour grows gets better salary our wife`s sleepless night starts ending in motivating us to do better. Anybodywithout emotion is JADAM which is not acceptable to this society.
You enter a state of existence called bliss though for that one needs to transcend emotions and not just suppress them. Bliss is a step higher than happiness and when you reach that stage you do not expereince emotions such as sadness, greed, jealosy, hatred, anger etc. Thus it doesn't mean you do not expereince anything. For the population which cannot reach that stage I still advocate suppression or better defusion of negative emotions. The harm they do when at work is incalculable and it is therefore not advisable to let it loose for any supposed benefit they can bestow.
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@ Sri Svarna

"Personally I have found that making light of an explosive situation, say by a humorous interpretation works very well."

Yes, that may be good. The humorous work will be even better if it can allude to the emotions experienced by the people, point to the root of their biases and how the victims feel. Humor can lead us to understand the undercurrents of an issue and work to solving them keeping everyone in regard. Usually in "explosive situations" as you put it well, undercurrents of an issue are dimmed in display of negative emotions.

I find this particular thread too utopian in what it calls people to strive to. Nevertheless, I really appreciate it from your side. Keep it up.

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