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Discussion between Soniji and HDK.

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Following was the discussion between Sonija and Kumara Swamy about 2 years back when BSY faced first hurdle.
After two years it is alive again.
Sorry if you don't understand certain Kannada words pl wait for my next post, as the real flavour of the conversation will be lost if translated.

Talk between two leaders- one from Karnataka and another from Delhi- was held for alliance. Here are the minutes of the meeting—
SG - May Bharat Ki Bahu Hai
K- Naanu Mannina Maga
SG - Oh Tumhara pitaji Mannu hai
K- Alla Ree, Namma Appa Gowda
SG - Oh you mean Mannu and Gowda are one
K- Nai Jee, Mannina Maga means son of the soil
SG - I never knew your father is soiled, I am extremely sorry about it.
K- finally translator is roped in
- Helaiah, Manninamaga ondu Gaade.
Translator- Madam son of the soil means down to earth person.
SG — O O. I am sorry. Koi baat Nahi Chalo Mudde Ki baat karte hain
K- Mudde, Neevu Mudde tinteera. Nammagu mudde andare bahla ishta. Nanige Sugar iddudarinda naanu dinaaglu mudde tinnutene.
SG - Probably I am failing to communicate with you properly. I am saying let us talk about the issues.
K- Yes issues. Nannige ondu Maga. Nimmage eradu issue alva madam.
SG - Stop it. No alliance for now.
K- Sorry madam. Helaiah translator Naavu alliance koskara bandiddeve.
Translator- Madam they have come for alliance.
SG - Is it? Very good. secular forces need to be united.
K- Houdu madam, secular forces ondu aagbeku. Adikke alliance gagi naa bande.
SG - good good. What plans you have?
K- Enu maadali madam. matte ee alliance ge nimma oppanda idiye?
SG - yes
K- Matte Muhurtha yavaga.
SG - for what
K- Maduve. Nanna Magana maduve nimma magala jote ge!!!!
SG - Before Robert kills you, I will wipe you out. Get lost…. you………..
Congress in disguise of Governor and Kumaraswamy joined Hands and gave Extreme Torture to BSY.

In spite of that BJP will complete its rule of 5 years.

Congress and Kumaraswamy can never Dream of Coming back to Power in Karnataka.
You are correct Mr. Shankar Narayan.Congress is in very Bad shape in Karnataka.That is the reason Mr. Bharadwaj was asked to make all sorts of Drama in delaying the decision of taking action on Mr. BSY.As a resident of Karnataka for past 50 years , after Devarajurs in 70's no other local congress leader was allowed to grow in Karnataka. Am sure after Mr. Ramakrishna Hegde in mid 80 s as Chief minister, Mr. BSY was the next C.M. to do some progressive work in Karnataka.Now also the scandal and corruption charges on BSY is only politically motivated and whatever scandal taken place during BSY's tenture is not even 10 % compared to the corruption took place during Bangarappa's resume or the scientific corruption carried out by S.M.K. It is sad that any political party in India have to come to a level of gimmics to retain the Vote Bank. BJP is no exception and most of the vote bank of BJP are little literates and are upset when they read in medias about BJP. Now the main worry of Congress and JD (s) in Karnataka is if they allow BJP to continue without troubles in Karnataka , the Karnataka will go the Gujarat way and it's implication will be felt in the other southern states. Which will be at the cost of Congress . Any way we will watch the tamasha here for another 2 years and will pray the almighty that KARNATAKA to turn GUJARAT way.
Congress is not at all in Good Shape anywhere in India.

Tom And Jerry game is going on in Congress at all States in India.

Lion and Cow will Graze together may be True but 2 congress men will never Unite together.

Congress will go automatically to Grave without any effort of opposition parties.

Karnataka may be an example that is all.
நன்றி ஐயா,
நீங்கள் சொல்வது போல் சில செய்திகள் தமிழ்லில் கூறுவது சரியாக இருக்கும்
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