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Did the Hindus Help Write the Bible

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I found Gene Matlock,proving that Sanathana Dharma aka Hinduism popularly,showing evidence,of Hindus being,the original religious order from time immemorial.In fact he alludes and i sort had this vision,when reading the Bhagavath Gita,that Indias maps were redrawn,by number of foreign regimes,to what it is now.The present day Egypt,Israel,Nazareth,Mecca,Medina,Far into Russian Territories,AS well as in Native American periods,Mayan Civilisation...etc had some sort of connection with the ethos of Sanathana Dharma.

Even though Lord B R A H M A A is not worshipped with grand splendour in majority of the places in India and rest of the world,i feel Lord A B R A H A M is an actual incarnation of or the Jewish religious people,borrowed ideas heavily from Sanathana Dharma aka Hinduism.Even Brahmaa when anagrammed it becomes Abraham.Saraswathi becomes Sara in a shortened version.

Most people address Judaism,Christanity,Islam as Abrahamic faith.My consciousness is honing,to conclude that,Abrahamic faiths are part of Sanathana Dharma only and this evidence of it must be propagated to people who succumb to conversion from one religion to another,when the source of all religions in the world is Sanathana Dharma only,what exactly are you trying to convert to and from,what?.


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