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Dhivya Dhana

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Studies in Divya Dhana:

After completion of all the rituals the person for whose profit the yagna the fire sacrifice was done should honour the priests with their fees and offer donations for his accompanying persons who supported the yagna with their work and advice. The fees and Dhanas are different.
  • True and respect, whole hearted given gift.
  • When a gift is made at right time, one obtains the purification if trivastu and calm and pleasure during for season of the year.
  • He gives a sight with respect to dispel all faults and perplex; files.
  • Given with own hand, to obtain excellence from a body without excellence.
  • If non injurious gift to others is given, one obtains the great renunciation as the fruit of the act.
  • He gives a gift of excellent color which is conducive to obtaining in return beauty as the fruit of the act.
  • A gift of excellent fragrance which is conducive to obtaining in return as the fruit of the act fragrance.
  • Of excellent flavor…. The marks of the foremost excellent flavors.
  • Perfect sight—perfect enjoy must.
  • Extensive gift—extensive enjoyment.
  • Food-freedom from hunger.
  • Drink freedom from thirst every where his rebirths.
  • Cloths enjoyment if abundant cloths.
  • A house.
  • A bed.
  • A vehicle.
  • Medicine
  • Precept as gift--- recollection of his birth.
  • Flowers.
  • A Sunland.
  • Incense doing away with vexations, bad odors.
  • Over lordships of supremacy in the law.
  • Bell-Charming voice.
  • Musical Instrument—a voice sounding like Brahma’s.
  • Lamp.
  • Silk cloth for used at consecrations to Gods and men.
  • A bath with sweet scent.
  • Digging of tanks and lakes.
  • River beds.
  • Wherever he goes to take rebirth for a perfect life.
  • To set the five assure of life.
  • To live with independence.
  • Out of compassion—great joy.
  • Out of joy-joy and happiness.
  • Out of equanimity-destruction of discontent.
  • Diverse and variegated --- diverse enjoy men of various and many kinds.
  • Abandoning all gain—the packet enlistment with out peer.[1]

The sacrifices when completed, the doer gets a feeling that his prayer was heard and his desire will be fulfilled at the earliest.

[1] )Journal of America Oriental Society Vol- 49, Yale University Press 1929 pp-40-51

Shri Ramachandran ji,

Excellent posting. Thanks for the enlightenment on various dhanas. The list does not include 'Godhanam'. The result of this dhanam can also be gained by offering a coconut, which is representative of a cow. I appreciate the fact that this is a reproduction from the source. The posting is highly informative. Kindly keep it up, sir.


"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"
_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்
Go Dhanam was later addition. In Vedic period that is 5000 Years back, the go dhanam was given in thousands to the sages by the kings. Brahman wont give any Dhana, and Vysyas also will donate the cow only to temples and not to sigle brahman. the 1000s of cow taken as dhana was also for the school and not for any individual brahman.
The Gifting of Coconut was the kerala tradition and I am yet come across a word where vedas quote about the coconut as dhana. Soon I come across that word I will quote them

Shri Ramachandran ji,

Thank you very much and kind of you for the excellent embelishment, sir.

"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"
_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்
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