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Pannvalan ji,

Aram valartha nayagi is in tiruvaiyaru na??? Might be there are two such deities. But, in thriuvaiyaru "Dharma samvarthini", the consort of Iyarappar is there.

Whereas, her query is dharma devathai (I think Yema dharma raja). There are some shrines for dharma devan in Shri vanjiam (near Nannilam), Thirupainjeeli (in Trichy). But, I dont know about the temple in Tirunelveli dt. In Karnataka, dharma devatha worship is very famous. Even there is a dharma devatha temple near Kerala Chavakkad.

Dharma Devathai could also be Dharma Shasta, a.k.a Ayyanar or Ayyappan. Very many brahmin families have Ayyanar of their natal village as their family deity. And they may also commonly name one of their children 'Malayappan' referring thereby to Sabari Malayappan and affirming their loyalty to him. Incidentally, "Aram Valartha Nayaki" is the direct Tamil translation of 'Dharma Samvarthani' or vice versa. It is very common to find the same name for deities in more than one place. e.g Thayagarajar, Tripurasundari. So there is nothing unusual to find two Aram Valartha Nayakis. It is quite likely there may be even more of them.
Thankyou(all ) for your response to my query. Some of our thayathi say Dharma devathai is Dharma Sastha but some others don't agree with it. trying to find more details on this deity. Any way thanks for your reply

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