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Dhaanam Types

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hello gmk ,gud mrng ,first try to under stand that all what u have mentioned are basically different concept but misunderstood as all are same 1..DHAANAM ...when a person needs to get rid off ill effects of any tough time due to planetary changes , or lessen the ill effects of any karmic effects that he/ she is under going, or when one needs to get good ,positive accepts (puniyam),so doing an action either to get immense of good deed or lessen bad karmic effect (for the result). 2.DHARMAM ..any actions done instantly ,with out knowing its good deed of the action elicited(with out expertation) .examples ..(as my POV)a, dhaanam is what we do during planetary positional changes as pariharams .b.as ceremony rituals when a person demise ,as the soul can reach its next position. .for dharam ,i remenber only the greatKING KARNAN, who did dhanam ,without any expartations .and i hope we can get more informations in this topic .
Thank you for your valuable comments, Sir. I thought both are same.

There are different types of Dhaanam done by people. For example, Anna Dhaanam, Kann Dhaanam, Cow Dhaanam, Kalvi Dhaanam, Blood Donation etc.

1. I wanted to know which are the other types of Dhaanam that one can do, apart from these ?
Is there a list available ?
2. Whether Blood Donation and Eye Donation is actually part of our Dhaanam list.
There is one dhanam called kannigadhaanam by the father of a girl giving her to the bride groom at the time of Marriage.
In Hinduism Puja, Yagya and Dhanam are important activities....In As per Chandogya Upnishad, there are three aspects of Dharma - Sacrifice, Study and Charity. So Dhanam is an aspect of Dharmam

Danam or Charity is considered as a way to purify oneself. It enhances quality of life here as a human being and even after the death. When we do Dhanam we should not expect any results.It has to be selfless

According to the Taittiriya Upanisad: "Give with faith. Do not give without faith. Give with sensitivity. Give with a feeling of abundance. Give with right understanding.

If you have funds spend on Dhanam & Dharmam.Feed the poor,If you dont have funds
do pooja daily.By doing Pooja you can achieve what ever you want.Do not hoard

Do not ever think that you are doing everything.Once Vinobha bhave went to
kanchi Paramacharyal and told I am doing so much of good, but i dont have peace
of mind.For that acharyal told take the I off from you & you will get peace.
There is one dhanam called kannigadhaanam by the father of a girl giving her to the bride groom at the time of Marriage.

Out of several Dhanams the most revered is the Kannigadhanam or Kanyadhanam...Hindu Dharma says one who is bestowed with the act of Kanya Daan or One who has the opportunity of making a Kanya Daan in his life is the beloved child of the Lord and he will never have rebirth.
CHARITY OR DHANAM. It is proclaimed as very necessary even in the vedic texts. Charity is divided into 4 kinds.
(1) Routine (nithya) that which ib given daily without expecting any return.
(2)Special (nymithika) that which is given with the intention of washing off sins.
(3) Expectant (kamya) That which is given with a desire to achive a particular object like begetting a son,or realising victory or wealth etc;
(4)Blemishless (vimila) That which is given without expecting any retur4n and with great Bhakthi and solely to please Almighty.

In the Bhagath Gita there is a three fold division of dhanam namely Satwik ,Rajasam, and Thaamasa.

Satwika Dhanam is that which is given in the holy places to deserving persons; That which is given expecting any return is called raajasa; and that which is given without regard to place, or Time or in unsuitable places or times or to undeserving persons and without respect is called Thaamasa dhaanam.

to be continued
One's wealth should be spent in charity, for one's enjoyment and to obtain fame. Otherwise it is useless. as well as harmful; If a person begs "giveme" give me" in this birth, He is said to be one, who had been telling in his previous birth , "no no" in his previous birth. to those who sought from him.

The highest in dhanam is claased as Ubayathomukthi dhanam. When a cow delivers a calf and before the calf falls out of the cow, there are two faces looking up ( in front cow and in back calf faces). At that time it must be given as dhaanam to a deserving person , confers on the giver the benefit of living in heaven for as many yugas as there are hairs on the bodies of the cow and calf.

The cow with black udder, horse, gingilly, elephant, Ratham, house, virgin, gold,ruby rathnas, are named as maha dhaanam. Among the dhanams Anna dhanam is described as very good. Imparting of education, or knowledge is superior to giving of cow, land, or book. Tghe imparting of knowledge of the self (Brahma Vidhya) is most superioe.

All Dhanams should be given without the receipient desring it; but food, education and virgin these three should be given to those who seek them. The merit of dhanam does not depend on the nature or value of the gift. If given with bakthi and sraddha,it is meritorious even if of little value.

Giving to parents, sisters and relatives are considered good. Two dangers attend hard earned money; They are giving to undeserving persons and not giving to deserving people. Persons respected traditionally in a family should not be ignored and new persons respected.
Thank you Narayani Mam, Kgopalan Sir, Vgane Sir, and Ramanathan Sir for your valuable inputs.

Gopalan Sir,
1. Nice to learn about Four types of Dhaanam / Charity. Can you tell us what type of Dhaanam falls under each of these category ?

2. Nowadays people are donating to NGOs anytime during the year. These donations are given without expecting anything in return, but untimely. For example, donations done for child education, annadhanam on birthdays, donating for getting tax benefit, etc.
a. Does this fall under Rajasa Dhanam - because donation is done without expecting anything in return
b. Does this fall under Thamasa (untimely because donation is done any time of the year) and Undeserving (in case of donation for child welfare, Often we dont know who the recipient is).

3. Whether Blood Donation and Eye Donation is actually part of our Dhaanam list.
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