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Development Projects

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Development of LED light Manufacturing-assembly unit

I am 'not' an elec/eltr engg but I like ‘LED light’ potential for many reasons-so I thought of discussing this fast emerging potential product market and technology, simple !!

1. LED lights--['Light Emitting Diodes]
This must be future lighting replacing Tube lights and CFL soon, LED lights for 1.cheap,2.very low power consumption and and 3.very long life and all lighting solutions

availability of white LEDs recently have created good market potential globally and many global LED light[ing] projects are under way

why not --v TB/B. .entrepreneurs [that include electrical engineers and professionals] and like minded people take up this --in setting up small unit or even big industrial unit in developing LED light[ings] with having good quality, design, many applications.....before it is too late! and change the lighting concept

import of LEDs--->circuit[design and development,tests...]--->assembly--->market

although anyone can start this--but to have small and organised way --v/one must make it in a professional way for Indian[ and global market]

Brief LED light description from diff sources

LEDs are slowly finding their way into the Indian market in the form traffic signal lightning, LED display panels and other applications. Compared to the large potential market, the current market players have yet to take advantage of the opportunity. There therefore exists significant scope for professional and competent firms to succeed in the market.

A single white LED is now available from Rs. 2 in Indian market. (Earlier this used to cost Rs. 60 and above) A simple LED light for a table lamp can be made for as cheap as 15 Rs.and 24 LEDs light for the home use can be made from Rs. 75 on wards

Major global corporates are investing huge sums of money in developing LEDs

LEDs are very fast emerging technology in lighting that is considered as brilliant a
technology breakthrough as the Edison light two centuries ago and is considered by the World Bank to be the solution for lighting up the 'bottom of the pyramid'
(discussed below). LEDs are more commonly thought of as the tiny red and blue
dots of light on household remote control units, but the new generation of LEDs give out usable 'white light' that can be used in any light product.

LEDs are durable semi-conductors that provide one of the world’s most energy
efficient light sources, with the newest models delivering around 70 to 100 lumens per watt. This means LED lights use approximately 10% of the energy consumption of incandescent bulbs (normal light bulbs) and 30% of the energy of compact fluorescent lamp ('CFL') bulbs, respectively. The lights have very low failure rates(less than 1 in every 1000) and consume very little power (either from the grid or from solar recharging).

LEDs have a lifetime of over 100,000 hours, which means they last more than 50
times longer than incandescent bulbs and 15 times longer than CFL bulbs.
Even after 100,000 hours, the LEDs don't just burnout - they just lose 10-20% of
their rated intensity, which may not be noticeable in many applications.

----please let me know your technical and Business views and its feasibility
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Good Idea. But only people who are involved with lighting and electronics have to give opinion on this.

All the best
S sir,that is true I am waiting for elec/electronic pro to give their opinion and involve,although it is not a very complex--a lead by them will certainly help

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